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Job Summary: Leading and directing all Marketing and Brand strategies, research, insights, creatives and routine functions of the M..
May 30, 2021 8 Years
Job Summary: Design, Develop and Execute world class Digital experience and eCommerce path to purchase program utilizing..
May 30, 2021 4 Years
Job Summary: Undertaking market intelligence activities almost to the point of obsession to collect information regarding..
May 30, 2021 6 Years
Government Relations specialist We are looking for a new Government Relations specialist to process, issues renew, modify and follow-up a..
Jun 20, 2021 3 Years
We are looking for the services of the " Public Relations Officer"Relevant candidates are encouraged to apply.
May 05, 2021 3 Years 6K - 8K
A major Automotive maintenance company in Riyadh Region announces a request for (Service Advisor engineer has at least two years experience ..
Jun 15, 2021 2 Years 4K - 5K
مطلوب لمصنع ملابس زي موحد – بمدينة الرياضمسمى الوظيفة الشاغرة: مدير تسويق ومبيعاتمجال العمل: مصنع ملابس زي موحدمكان الوظيفة: الرياض – المملك..
Jun 14, 2021 3 Years
مطلوب عامل للعمل في مطبعة ديجيتال خاصة بالاستيكرات والبنرات وتنظيم المعارض والتركيباتيفضل من لديه خبرة في المجال
May 28, 2021 1 Year 2K - 3K
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