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Jobs in Yanbu

If you are looking for the latest jobs in Yanbu, you are at the right place! MIHNATI.COM currently has 3 jobs available in Yanbu. Whether you are interested in government or private jobs in Yanbu, Mihnati has them all listed for you. Find your desired job in your city and apply online now!

We need people who are willing to complete market research and answer questions for companies we work with.How much you earn depends on your..
May 13, 2020 Fresh 250 - 500
الوظيفه للسيدات فقط  ساعات العمل مرنه  عموله 80% من قيمة التوصيل يشترط رخصه سارية المفعولالعمل في احدى التطبيقات الخاصه بالتوصيل 
May 06, 2020 Fresh
عمل حر تحت تطبيق لصيانه على مستوى المملكه ساعات عمل مرنه احتساب 80% للموظف و 20%للتطبيق  
Apr 19, 2020 250 - 500
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