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General Administrative Affairs - Carry out general administration and assistant duties as required by manager. - Handling CR, Licenses, Civ..
Jan 07, 2021 3 Years
Managing Local Purchases:Requesting quotations after receiving inquiriesAnalyze and select VendorSending Purchase OrderFollowing up for del..
Dec 23, 2020 1 Year
‒ Identify best practices to reduce work process risks, raise safety awareness, and improve working conditions.‒ Coordinate employee safety..
Nov 25, 2020 2 Years
1. Visit business areas and premises to inspect processes and procedures and ensure good health and safety practice. 2. Investigate acciden..
Nov 08, 2020 2 Years
رفع قضايا تنفيذ
Nov 11, 2020 3 Years
-كتابة المذكرات القانونية بكافة انواعها، والرد عليها. -القدرة على التحدث بطلاقة وثقة والقدرة على إدارة الحوارات والنقاشات داخل نطاق العمل و..
Oct 29, 2020 1 Year
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