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AlGooru is the first and only qualified tutoring platform in Saudi Arabia.
We are relentlessly paving the way for students with personalized, long-term learning solutions, and focusing on 20 key subjects, connecting students with top online and in-person tutors to ensure impactful and transformative education.

Career growth and learning
As a startup in the education sector, we never lose sight of the importance of continuous learning and development

Our talents are always encouraged to take advantage of our learning budget to learn whatever they want

We also offer 100% free hardware and software so that our talents have all the necessary tools they need to apply their skills best and expand their experiences

Work-life balance
Our quest to guarantee a healthy work-life balance for our talents is never-ending We make sure our talents are always comfortable in what they are doing, while doing it, and wherever they are doing it For that end, we employ several flexible policies that ensure the realization of this vision: Flexible working hours Without set workin'... See more
Featured perks and benefits
Flexible Working Hours Work-From-Anywhere Weeks Unlimited Vacation Days

Hybrid workplace

If you\'re in either Jeddah, Riyadh, Beirut, or Damascus, we have fantastic office vibes that you wouldn\'t want to miss on. However, if you\'re an outstanding talent that prefers to be a digital nomad, then rest assured that this isn\'t something we won\'t endorse!
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