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الوصف الوظيفي

• Prepare structural calculations showing the structural stability of AutoclavedAerated Precast Concrete system in accordance with project requirementsincluding seismic analysis.• Structural design of related reinforced concrete or steel structure necessary forthe implementation of Autoclaved Aerated Precast Concrete system such asfoundation, stairs or R.C./steel frames.• Structural review of shop drawings prior to submission for client’s approval andduring preparation of final construction drawings.• Specify the required design loads to precast panels during the preparation ofmanufacturing list and advise the required reinforcing steel for non-standardpanels.• Determines the feasibility of using Autoclaved Aerated Precast Concretesystem based on client's architectural/structural drawings. Recommendsmodifications and solutions for suitability with the system.• Prepare quantity take-off, cost estimates and quotations of various projectsusing lightweight precast units.• Attend to client’s technical inquiries and provide required informationconcerning Autoclaved Aerated Precast Concrete system.

Other Details• Bachelor of Science in Civil or Structural Engineering and dulylicensed/accredited by the professional regulation commission of his country.• Minimum 2 years experience in structural design using computer softwares aswell as manual design involving analysis of R.C. precast units as mainstructural resisting frame including seismic/wind load analysis.• Experienced in the design of pre

تفاصيل الوظيفة

المجال الصناعي:
مجموع الشواغر:
1 .
نوع الوظيفة':
الوردية الأولى في الصباح
نوع الوظيفة:
دوام كامل
أدنى مؤهل:
شهادة بكالوريوس
المستوى المهني:
موظف مهني
أدنى خبرة:
1 سنة
آخر تاريخ للتقديم:
أغسطس ۲۳, ۲۰۱۸
تاريخ الاعلان:
يوليو ۲۴, ۲۰۱۸
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