• Supervise the Cost team for the region (Senior Cost Engineers, Cost Engineers & Junior Cost Engineers).
  • Familiarize himself with all cost control and cost reporting requirements & procedures of NEOM.
  • Develop and implement all requirements for cost recording, reporting (incl. accruals), and analyzing trends at both program and at project levels.
  • Convert estimates (project trend notices) into control budget, update budget, commitment, actual cost and cost forecasts.
  • Assist in developing budget reforecasts and monitor progress of work per control account to assure adherence to budget.
  • Promptly produce clear and concise summary report findings from assessment and analysis (including cost overruns and other unsatisfactory elements) and reports accordingly to the Project Controls Manager and the senior management team.
  • Provide independent forecast completion costs based on trends including:
  1.  Labor rate analysis
  2. Commitments.
  3. Change management.
  4. Schedule impacts
  5. Productivity measurement - earned value.

Undertake the preparation, on time and with the required quality, of the following;

  • Project budget summary.D
  • Detailed control budgets for issue to parties concerned, incl. staffing plan.
  • Monthly program/project cost (status) reports for NEOM Regional team.
  • Review the budgets for man-hours, and costs with the Project Managers.
  • Work in concert with the Program Project Controls, Planning & Commercial teams to ensure cost and schedule consistency.
  • Validates the monthly timesheets and monthly invoices for the region before submission to NEOM
  • Monitors the man-hours and cost of the projects within the region, develops and recommends, with the appropriate key team members, corrective action or revised methods to the Project Managers/Project Director if cost deviations are anticipated.
  • Attends cost control review meetings with NEOM, the Project Managers/Project Director and contractors as required.
  • Advise the Project Controls Manager of any event or decision having a significant impact on cost.
  • Is on the alert for cost consequences of changes in the scope of work and changes in program execution.
  • Leads in the development and implementation of improved cost control and reporting techniques and methods
  • Responsible to control and monitor program total expenditure including verifying and checking of invoices and claims from contractors to ensure that all program expenditures are captured and properly recorded.
  • Performs project costing related reporting to the team and management’s review on a monthly basis to ensure that expenditures are kept within the program budget.
  • Responsible to review contractor's cost reports for accuracy, completeness and cost status, identify areas of concern and discuss with management to propose corrective action.












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