Creating a Proper Mihnati Profile


Being Saudi Arabia’s leading job-search portal, we receive a lot of resumes at Mihnati. With time, we have learnt that certain kinds of resumes uploaded onto our website have a higher chance of being chosen by potential employers than others. Luckily for you, we have identified certain essential elements that you should definitely incorporate into your Mihnati profile in order to achieve the best results.

Writing a Professional Summary

Once you apply for a job opening through Mihnati, hiring managers are provided with a sample of your resume in the shape of a professional summary. A proper professional summary should be able to clearly highlight who you are, the experience you have to offer and the skills you possess – and how these elements can be combined to add value to the organization being addressed.

Setting a Mihnati profile Picture

The intention of uploading your picture onto your Mihnati profile is to establish to potential employers that you are a professional. This means that a passport style picture of your face (head shot) in either white or blue background should work just fine – there is no need to upload flashy or casual pictures such as selfies, as this would not allow hiring managers to take your application seriously.

Writing About Past Experience

When writing about your previous working experiences, be sure to keep the information being provided relevant and concise – stick to simple formats and avoid adding any glitz and glamour. As always, the idea is to present your accomplishments in an easy-to-read and professional manner. You can using bullet-points and paragraphs to streamline the contents of your resume. Keep in mind that this is an essential part of your resume, as this is where you are actually telling potential employers what you have to bring to the table.

Using the Job Search Filter

Mihnati offers a powerful tool at your disposal in the shape of the job search filter – it would be in your advantage to maximize the gains from it. With the help of our advanced search filters, you can search and apply for jobs which are exclusively tailored to you. By using this tool as it is intended, you can save yourself valuable time by looking for jobs specifically based on a certain city, job title, experience level, skill demand, salary brackets and other useful criteria.

Uploading a Well-Formatted Resume

Your resume needs to follow a proper structure and format – employers would not hesitate to reject a CV simply because it is badly organized. Ensure that your resume is well-written, properly formatted and professional – avoid using slang at all costs. Remember: the best way of catching the attention of potential employers is by exhibiting professionalism. Once your Mihnati profile is updated, simply click the “Download CV” button to get your own printable copy.

If you need any further help, our support team is always available to address any queries and questions.


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