These Job Titles Are Fooling Nobody!


Shortlisting resumes to close a significant gap in the organization can be a tiring process. Not only that, the people responsible for the hiring often have to face the fallout for the potential shortcomings of the new hires.

As the recruitment manager for your organization, you’re bound to have come across resumes featuring dubious information – some of these entries may seem harmless but these are the exact things that lead to the scenario described earlier. You need to develop a keen eye for these sort of misleading resume entries – they’ll save you from a world of pain that inevitably comes from hiring someone who can’t actually handle the job that’s being offered to them.

On a lighter note, here are a few of the most ridiculously fabricated job titles that seasoned hiring managers can spot from a mile away.


Perhaps the most controversial entry on this list, a consultant is mostly just a nicer way of saying “was searching for a job”. It’s a nice way of padding up that time in between employment. Not all consultants fall under this category, obviously. Just the ones who are unable to backup their consultancy experience through authentic external sources.
If you come across one such resume, you know what the reality was.


Most successful entrepreneurs… will probably not be applying for a job at your company.

If your applicant’s resume states time spent as an “entrepreneur”, however, it’s either another attempt to explain away joblessness or worse, the applicant is hiding their failed attempt at kicking their own business venture into high gear. Now, there should be no shame in this – a failed business attempt is infinitely more valuable than never having made that leap in the first place – hiring managers aren’t looking at success stories. They’re also looking at character stories, and nothing tells one than the trials and tribulations associated with running your own startup, however briefly.

President Of *Place/Unheard Club/Activity Here*

Every now and then, a resume lands in your inbox that appears to be done in jest. The individuals responsible for these masterpieces appear to be living in a world of their own construct, holding lofty positions such as “President of the School Book Club” or “President of the Local Food Festival”. In short, anytime someone takes up a title beyond most mortals, it better be about something important.

Here are some obscure, but equally fabricated job titles:

SOCIAL MEDIA PERSONALITY – An unemployed Facebook addict

VISIONARY – Basically, an entrepreneur of the dream world

LIFE SKILL INSTRUCTOR – An unemployed parent


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