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Permanent Jobs in Saudi Arabia

MIHNATI.COM is providing latest Permanent Jobs in Saudi Arabia. Register with MIHNATI.COM and Apply for Permanent Jobs in Saudi Arabia. Apply online on below listed Permanent jobs in all major cities of Saudi Arabia

JOB PURPOSE · To carry out propulsion maintenance, repairs and modifications on Tornado Aircraft. · May be required to provid..
Jun 28, 2020 4 Years
Main Responsibilities. Performs Tornado PDM maintenance activities encompassing general aircraft systems, pneumatic/hydraulic systems and s..
Jun 28, 2020 4 Years
Work Complexity: · Deliver operations support, maintenance and administration for network systems as a team member, sometimes as a cr..
Jul 08, 2020 5 Years 15K - 20K
IT Application Projects: · Lead the team in implementing systems, analysis, design, development, delivery, support and communication ..
Jul 08, 2020 5 Years
ملخص الوظيفة شحن و تتنزيل البضائع من الحاويات و الشاحنات المهام و المسؤوليات• فرز البضاعه المحمله في الحاويه او الشاحنة اثناء عملية الشحن ..
Jul 06, 2020 Less than 1 Year
Support and Assistance ‒ Using various software, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software.‒ Receive VI..
Jul 02, 2020 3 Years
الشروط:· رخصة قيادة نقل ثقيل .خبرة سابقة في نفس المجال- · ادارة الوقت . القدره على العمل لساعات طويله عند الحاجه لذلك المهام و ا..
Jun 30, 2020 1 Year
Duties & Responsibilities: Chemical Cleaning & Lab Technician should aware of the dangers of the chemicals and know how to find these chemi..
Jun 28, 2020 3 Years
Duties & Responsibilities: Painting prep work.Must be able to thoroughly follow instructions and be attentive to details.Spray primers and..
Jun 28, 2020 3 Years
ملخص الوظيفة:إجراء الصيانة على السيارات مثل تغيير الزيت والسوائل والإطارات وموازنة العجلات ومساعدة ميكانيكا السيارات الأكثر خبرة لدينا في ع..
Jun 28, 2020 1 Year 3K - 3K
Job purpose Designing for marketing media and most especially for ‎digital media like Social Media.‎ Manage, Develop and coordinate graphic..
Jul 03, 2020 1 Year
الشروط:1- أن يكون المتقدمـ/ة سعودي الجنسية2- خبرة سابقة في التعامل مع العملاء3- إجادة استخدام الحاسب الآلي4- إجادة تحدث اللغة الانجليزية ا..
Jun 30, 2020 1 Year
Main Job Purpose: Provide a high quality, professional reception and administrative service to patients, doctors, staff, colleagues, healt..
Jun 30, 2020 Less than 1 Year
Duties & Responsibilities:Machine parts to specifications using machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, shapers or grinders. Setu..
Jun 28, 2020 5 Years
Accountabilities: Deliveries: · Lead the team of invoice matching officers in their day to day work. · Manage the scheduling process of..
Jun 28, 2020 3 Years
Policies & Procedures § Adherence to governmental rules & regulations; RAR's and IAD's policies and procedures (including but not limited..
Jul 07, 2020 5 Years
We are looking for strong, world-class candidates with quantitative background that have at least 3 years of hands-on experience in: Invest..
Jul 04, 2020 3 Years
Kay Responsbility Area & Activities Customer Relations‒ Communicate with customers to ensure customer satisfaction.‒ Identify and app..
Jul 02, 2020 6 Years
Job PurposThe purpose of the job is to help potential customers understand, compare, and contrast the products/services/solutions that are ..
Jul 01, 2020 1 Year
  We are looking for strong, world-class candidates with at least 5 years of hands-on experience in ORM:  •             Strong knowledge of ..
Jul 05, 2020 5 Years
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