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*Current Experience:-
I have been working as a Manager at Keden International Company in the Western and
Southern area The Face Shop Brand for 3 years. I am doing the following tasks:
- Executing plans for the monthly targets and running or doing them in my area.
- Making and running plans for Branches Monthly Training at my area.
- Choosing and employing (hiring) salesgirls, supervisors and branches managers and I train them the different
techniques and tasks of the job.
- I choose the places of distribution and writing reports for making decisions.
- Observing the openings of the new branches and making arrangements with other managers to complete the
opening of the new branch in a fantastic way.
- I work to increase profits and decrease expenses.
- I arrange everything with other departments to offer the best service to the customer.
- Observing the sales process.
- I visit the branches and manage the work.
-We use technology and make sure that employees send reports about their tasks using E-mails.
I worked at KNAZ for Propaganda and Advertisement as a Project Manager.
*My Projects:
-Implementing Graduation Party for Electricity and Water High Institute with the presence of Labor Minister.
-Implementing a Propaganda Project to Abdellateef Gameel's Motorcar showrooms in Jeddah, Ryad and
- Making a project to the Saudi Authority at


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Area Manager
Jan 2014 - Present | جدة, Saudi Arabia


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