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It is an honor for me to apply for a job in your company as Electrical Engineer where i can grow and develop my professionally in Electrical Engineering and help me to progress in my work. From my academic knowledge, practical experience and several training courses that attended which are qualify me to be honor to win this job and make me a part of this company.

Bachelor’s Electrical Engineering of Taibah University, Medina, K.S.A. Award date is (October 2016).

Vocational Training:
-(7/2009-8/2009): Saudi Aramco Company Summer Program [English Language].
-(5/2016-7/2016): Saudi Electricity Company-National Grid [Operation, Maintenance and Protection].
-(12/2017-2/2018): Training and Electronic Higher Technical Institute
[Electronics and Principles of Fault Detection] Certified by Technical and
Vocational Training Corporation.

Experience Works:
-(12/2013): Saudi Council of Engineer worked as Organizer for 3rd International Conference on Engineering Education ICEE.
-(5/2015): Saudi Aramco Company worked as Organizer for iThra Lab.
-(8/2016-2/2017): Al Rehab for Contracting and Maintenance worked as Electrical Technician for Low voltage which is Responsible on Maintenance in the Technical College.
-(2/2017-Present): Saudi Electricity Company-National Grid working as Planning Engineer for High Voltage projects [Substations, Lines & Telecom] in Project Division Western Region.

Voluntary Works:
-(8/2013): One of the Founders of Taibah Engineering Club.
-(2013-2016): Consultant of Taibah Engineering Club at Taibah University.
-(2013-2015): Vice Chairman of the Projects Committee at Taibah Engineering Club.
-(7/2013): The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Institute for Hajj and Umrah Research.
-(12/2013): Participation in the International Day of Disabled Persons with Prince Sultan Center for Special Needs.
-(9/2015): Social Entrepreneurship in Two Country France and Finland with Taibah University.


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Taibah University
Bachelor, Bachelors, Bachelors in Engineering, ‎
هندسة كهربائية
CGPA 4.1/5


Less than 1 YearAutoCAD
2 Years BGM / DME
2 Years Capable to Learn New Things
2 Years Capable to Order Priority
2 Years Capable to Perform all Tasks in Right Ti
1 yearEngineering Equation Solvers
5+ Years Gynecologist Consultancy
3 Years Matlab
5+ Years Official Assignments
2 Years PrimaVera P6
2 Years Strategic Management


Expert English
Expert Arabic