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I aspire to obtain a position as a team player and to work in an environment where sharing knowledge is the culture and growth has no boundaries.
My aim is to achieve a successful career , where I can apply the skills and knowledge that I
have obtained throughout my studies, maximize my educational background, organizational skills, and ability to work with people; which in return will enable me to make a positive contribution to the company.


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إدارة وتسويق
Educon study abroad
Aug 2016 - Nov 2016 | الرياض, Saudi Arabia

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Internship on the field of petroleum and gas engineering
Liaoning Shihua University & China Petroleum
Aug 2014 - Oct 2014 | Fushun, China

internship majoring in petroleum engineering
1- workshops and training's attended:
China petroleum liaohe oilfield,shenyang oil recovery factory: oil extracting,drilling, oil production
2- industrials visits:
Benxi geological park and geological museum Fushun coal mine museum
3- conference attended:
GouBangZi oil technical vocational school: oil extraction,drilling


liaoning shihua university of petrochemical institute of technology
Bachelor, Bachelors, Bachelors in Engineering, Bachelors Degree In Petroleum & Gas Engineering‎
Petroleum and Gas Technology, Petroleum Geology and Geotectonic, Applied Marine Geology
Percentage 80%


Expert Assignments Handling
Beginner Customer Relation Management
Beginner Exploration Geologists
Beginner well logging


Expert Arabic
Intermediate Chinese
Expert English