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Looking for a better opportunity in any challenging leadership function related to Contracting, Planning, Support Services, or Customer Services Activities. Also, seeking for the chance that will provide me more potential challenging responsibilities meeting my long cumulative services in Saudi Aramco.


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محلل أساليب أعمال (27 سنه خبره)
Saudi Aramco
Oct 1989 - Nov 2016 | Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Work Experience: (27) Years in Saudi Aramco in Contracting, Planning, Support Services, and Customer Services Activities.

1989- 1991 Computer, Communication & Office Services Department: Tower Bldg. , Dhahran
1991- 1996 Abqaiq Plants Operation Department Central Admin Bldg. , Abqaiq
1996 – 1999 Distribution Technical Support department Main Office Bldg. , Dammam
1999 –2004 Communication Engineering & Technical Support Department LIP Bldg. 3137, Dhahran
2004 –2010 Information Protection & Technology Planning Department Tower 8th floor, Dhahran
2011 –2012 Area Information Technology Department / IT Customer Care Center West Admin Bldg. ,RT
2013 –2016 Office Service Department/Office Technology & Support Services Division , Dhahran


King Faisal University
Bachelor, Bachelors, BCS/BS, نظم المعلومات الأداريه والتخطيط‎
الحاسب الآلي, العلوم الإدارية
CGPA 2.6/4


Expert Contracts advisor
Expert Customer Analysis
Expert Functional Safety
Expert IT Customer Management
Expert Planning Budgeting / Forecasting
Intermediate Relations Planning
Expert Strong Organizing Planning Skills
Expert رعاية العميل


Expert English

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