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Name: Khalid Alhaj Ahmad

•  Nationality: Sudan

•  Age: 43 Y

•  Iqama Status: Transferable

•  Current Location: DAMMAM

•  Current Position: Warehouse Unit Head, Acting (Warehouse Manager)

•    Last Career: Mofarreh Alharbi Contracting Company (MMAH)


•   Warehouse Experience, more than 15 years

•   Acceptance to work at Any Area 

•  Very good Experience in M.S Excel

•  Good Knowledge in ERP M.S. Dynamic AX 2012

•  Little Knowledge in ERP M.S Dynamic D365 .

•  Accepting to work at any location.

•  My Contact details as below:

•  Mob & whatsapp:

•  +966538051012 


Emails: [email protected]

               [email protected]

Skype: Khdodei 


Company Logo
Warehouse Unit Head
Mofarreh Al-Harbi & Partners Contracting Co. Ltd.
Jan 2018 - Dec 2019 | Dammam, Saudi Arabia

<h4> -       <strong>Establishment of warehouse department and implement the rules below,,</strong></h4>
<p>-       <strong>Create a job description document approved it, then assigned that all the exist store keeper to sign on it, then attach it in them files.</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Create an official documents for receiving materials (MRV) and for deliver materials (MIN) </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Arrange a quick training for the exits Store keepers to follow the official precedes as in order to apply the Supply chain Rules.  </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Import and hiring the missing manpower partially with approval of head managements  </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Arrange with Store keepers to do more Accrual control for the consumable items, such as the safety material, with segregation for the Stackable and Non Stackable items.</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>upload monthly report for each project, with concern about the consumable for these points</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Daily demand, Safety Stock, Lead Time, Re ordering quantity, in order to calculate the Economic reorder quantity.</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Contribute to create an official descriptions for many items with a Master coding.</strong><strong> </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Contribute to implement the ERP software system (Microsoft dynamic 365)</strong><strong> </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Improve the Method of preserving the materials as per each categories</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Improving the performance of the warehouse secretary and all the department's employees</strong></p>
<p>·         <strong>Contribute to follow the part of the Assets, </strong></p>
<p><strong>Such as (Equipment’s, Generators, Survey Instruments, Etc.)   </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Follow the movements of Survey Equipment’s and Instruments,</strong></p>
<p><strong>Deliver it to the User Surveyors as a CUSTODY for them according to created Equipment Custody voucher (ECV) with approval of the project manager,</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Create the new warehouses for each new project along with following the Mobilization progress, including following the installation of the port cabins for offices,</strong></p>
<p>·         <strong>Coordinate with Procurements division to assign the needful consumable items for the re-order process. </strong></p>
<p>·         <strong><u>According to the Logistic duties</u></strong><strong>, Arrange with the procurement to coordinate with the suppliers to collect and transport the purchased material to the particular warehouses or direct to the projects as per the demands.  </strong></p>
<p><strong> </strong>       <strong><u>Control the Demobilization process below:,</u></strong></p>
<p><strong>1-    </strong><strong>Including release the remaining Warehouse project material to Main warehouse, or circulate it to other project according to requisitions,</strong></p>
<p><strong>2-    </strong><strong>Control the process of dismantle the offices port cabins and Warehouse store containers, </strong></p>
<p><strong>3-    </strong><strong>Control the transportations of the demobilizing items, port cabins and containers,</strong></p>
<p><strong>4-    </strong><strong>Control the House keeping process for all the offices and warehouses area in order to hand it over to the contract customer clean as much as possible,   </strong></p>
<p>·         <strong>I was involved for preparation of the ERP Microsoft Dynamic365, as below:</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Create codes for the items asper the global united nation standard. </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Generate a new coding for the new purchases items. </strong></p>
<p><strong>Prepare all the available items in particular Excel lists in order to be Uploaded to the ERP Microsoft Dynamic365     </strong></p>

Company Logo
  Store In charge, Acting Warehouse Manager
Jan 2015 - Jan 2017 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

<h4><strong><u>Duties Summary:</u></strong></h4>
<p>-       <strong>Establishment of warehouse department and implement the rules below,, </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Receiving spare parts & Trading items materials from internal</strong> <strong>& External Suppliers </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Receiving All the Raw material from internal</strong> <strong>& External Suppliers, then submit it only for the production division for the products proposes.    </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Receiving the Simi finish goods parts (products parts unfinished) from production division.</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Receiving from production division, the finished good products which are ready to dispatch for customers</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Preserving all the income materials in the particular racks separately as per each categories,</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Deliver the required raw materials, spare parts & hydraulic parts to production division in order to keep the production progress running.</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Supply the sales storage with all requirements Spare parts, hydraulic parts, manufactured Parts and machines.</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Supply the Salesmen & Sub-shops and Branches with all requirements Spare parts, hydraulic parts, manufactured Parts and machines. </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Upload a monthly inventory report to finance, procurements, production departments, with mention to the non-movement items, Reordering items with mention to the Lead time, daily demand, with respect to the Safety stock S.S for each item,</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Upload deep Annual inventory to finance, procurements, production departments & Managements</strong></p>
<p><strong>With respect to the Annual Inventory, coordinating with procurements to prepare an order for many stackable items with concerning for the Economic order quantities for each requested item. </strong></p>

Company Logo
Store keeper
Mar 2013 - Dec 2014 | Khartoum, Sudan

<h4> </h4>
<p><strong><u>Duties Summary: </u></strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Receiving the stationary and any office material from internal Suppliers thru the Purchasers. </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Receive the curriculum books from internal libraries thru the Purchasers, and from Cambridge Britain thru the public relations section </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Preserving the income materials in the racks as per each categories, </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Deliver the required Non-Stock materials Such as (Stationary, Office & Cleaning items) to the Offices, schools, college & training centers</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Deliver the curriculum books to each school, kindergarten & training centers at each city & Location, According to the registration Students numbers for each school with keeping extra stock for each school as a Safety Stock (S.S)</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Upload a monthly report to Support services division, regarding the Expenses of cleaning material for each location.</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Upload a monthly inventory report for the curriculums books Stock to finance, Procurement & Academic Managements, with mention to the current registration members & the non-movement Books </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Follow-up all the fixed</strong> <strong>assets over all the institution with all internal branches. </strong></p>

Company Logo
Store in charge
Jul 2011 - Dec 2012 | Khartoum, Sudan

<h4><strong><u>Duties Summary:</u></strong></h4>
<p>-       <strong>Receiving material from internal</strong> <strong>& External Suppliers </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Preserving the income materials in the particular racks as per each categories, in the identified temperatures </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Deliver the required materials to Salesmen & Sub-shops with respect to the validation Expiry dates, According to the Rule (FIRST IN FIRST OUT)</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Upload a monthly inventory report to finance, with mention to the non-movement items, Reordering items & Expiry date for each.  </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Upload deep Annual inventory to finance and managements    </strong></p>

Company Logo
warehouse in charge
Al-Qalaa Al-Jadida for Aluminum and Decorations Co. Ltd.
Jan 2002 - Nov 2009 | Tripoli, Libya

<h4> </h4>
<p><strong><u>Duties Summary: </u></strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Receiving material from internal Suppliers </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Preserving the income materials in the particular racks as per each categories. </strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Deliver the required materials to customers & Sub-shops</strong></p>
<p>-       <strong>Upload a monthly inventory report to finance & procurement, with mention to the non-movement items & Reordering items  </strong></p>
<p><strong>Upload deep Annual inventory to finance and managements    </strong></p>


Alalam Alarabi Institute for Languages ​​and Computer Science
Book Accounting (Basics Of Accounting)
Alalam Alarabi Institute for Languages ​​and Computer Science
Alalam Alarabi Institute for Languages ​​and Computer Science
Al-Razi High Institute of Computer Technology
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Computer Science


Less than 1 YearExperience in warehouse field for 15 y +
Less than 1 YearM. S. Dynamic D365
Less than 1 YearM.S Office Excel sheets & Prepare report
Less than 1 YearM.S. Dynamic AX 2012


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