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Chief Acountant
Al Rowhar Trading Est in Dammam
Aug 2015 - Sep 2019 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Chief Accountant
North Star Trading Company
Apr 2009 - May 2015 | الدمام, المملكة العربية السعودية

1- Assist in planning and execution of accounting work as per approved accounting practices and policies.
2- Verification of correctness and completion of accounting records and accounting registrations in conformity with original documents.
3- I prepare audit balance sheets and other required conformity procedures and verify its accuracy.
4- I execute settlements pertaining to revenues, credits accounts and banks.
5- Following up company accounts with banks and verify correctness of its balance.
6- Verify accuracy and completeness of documents submitted for payment.
7- Verify proper keeping of financial and accounting books and records to facilitate referring to the same whenever required.
8- I tabulate fixed and current assets in addition to assessment of assets as per approved accounting policies.
9- Coordination and arrangement of inventory formalities and requirements.
10- Issue of cheaques and payment orders according to approved policies and formalities.
11- Analysis of expenses, and compare between estimated and actual expenses during previous years, in addition to preparation of financial reports and analysis which explain company financial performance.
12- Preparation of financial sheets within specified time.
13- Assist to provide all requirements for internal and external auditors.
14- Avail all required document within specified time.
15- Follow up and audit annual estimated budgets and compare actual performance and suggest remedies in case of any deviations.
16- Participate in setting measurement criteria for administrative and financial performance in addition to preparation of measurement criteria for accounting itself.
17- Fairly divide work to accountants and solve problems faced by them, as well as evaluation of their performance and recommendation to develop their abilities.
18- Prepare periodic reports about accounting process and give recommendation for its improvement, and submit the same to president of administration board.
19- Good ability to work on all computer accounting programs specially SAB, Dynamic Ex and Microsoft Office ERA.
20- Prepare final accounts and issue salaries as well as organizing workers files.
21- Study the direct and indirect costing for the unit and specify margin of profit.
22- Preparation of financial reports and analysis on monthly basis in addition to preparation of company financial position for the year ending on 31st of December.
23- Preparation of feasibility studies for all projects.


جامعة وادي النيل للتجارة وادارة الاعمال
Master, Masters, Masters, Masters, Masters in Commerce, المحاسبة المالية والتكاليف‎
Nile Valley University
Bachelor, Bachelors, Bachelors, Bachelors, , جامعة وادي النيل‎
محاسبة عامة
CGPA 3.7/4
Open University of Sudan
Diploma, Diploma, Diploma, Diploma, معاهد التعليم البريطانية‎
دبلوم كمبيوتر


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