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I have an IT engineering background which has empowered me with an analytical eye that served me well whenever it came to problem solving, on both levels personal and professional.

I have four years of experience working as IT amp Logistics Associate in an organization that conducts 50 of its operations overseas. These operations do not follow a consistent pattern, rendering the management of logistics a multi-challenge mission. Translated into actual job aspect, this meant being constantly exposed to a whole new set of political and cultural atmospheres, which I had to understand thoroughly to be able to carry business with the other party in mutually respectful manner.

The scope of my job covered Planning, overseeing execution, securing cost-effective production and shipping deals, within short and - sometimes - abrupt time constrains, and while keeping quality at an optimum level. My performance has proved excellence year after another, leading to receiving frequent promotions that broadened my scope and raised my remuneration.

I am looking for a job in a progressive and creative work environment where I get the opportunity to employ my background, experience, and skills in achieving the departmental and organizational goals.


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IT and Logistics Associate
Jan 2014 - Nov 2016 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

• Logistics Associate Responsibilities:

➢ Planning, executing, and overseeing logistics for exhibitions, art fairs, and cliental.

➢ Solving logistics problems concerning imports or exports regulations, customer issues across the globe.

➢ Obtaining cost effective production and shipping entities that meet the organization’s requirements within each project’s allocated timeframe and/or abrupt time constraints.

➢ Coordinating with insurance companies for different art fairs, exhibition & transit shipments.

• Other Administrative Responsibilities

➢ Interviewing candidates for junior positions & introducing them to their job responsibilities.

➢ Handling sales for specific cliental including museums and institutions.

➢ Creating project plans and guidelines on initiating, planning and executing exhibitions and art fairs.

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IT Specialist
Jul 2012 - Dec 2013 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

• IT Specialist Responsibilities:

➢ Securing updated software systems, and training the staff how to use the systems to meet the organization’s day-to-day operational processes.

➢ Maintaining and solving problems related to technical equipment to insure all equipment are up-to-date and are running effectively and efficiently.

• Data Analysis Associate:

➢ Managing the inventory information system (ArtSystems)

➢ Generating reports and analyzing the gallery inventory level and their prices.

➢ Defining standard procedures to optimize the warehouse space usage.

➢ Updating & maintaining the gallery website & social media.


integral university
Bachelor, Bachelors, , Bachelors in Technology‎
Information Technology
Percentage 82%