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Seasoned and customer-focused senior industry professional with over 23 years’ insightful experience across diverse sectors, managing facilities and maintenance operations, managing branch operations, providing excellent services to customers and leading large teams to achieve pre-defined business objectives. Excellent planning and organizational skills, resulting in the optimum functioning of department and the consistent achievement of customer service standards.


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Executive Director
Al Ahbas Endowment Association
Sep 2021 - Present | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

1. .من السياسة العامة وأهدافها ومتابعة تنفيذها
رسم خطط الجمعية وفق مستوياتها انطالقا
بعد اعتمادها.
رسم أس ٍس التنفیذیة وھذه 2 .ومعایيرلحوكمة الجمعیة ال تتعارض مع أحكام النظام والالئحة
الالئحة، واإلشراف على تنفیذھا ومر اقبة مدى فاعلیتھا بعد اعتمادھا.
3 .إعداد اللوائح اإلجرائیة والتنظیمیة الالزمة التي تضمن قیام الجمعیة بأعمالھا وتحقیق
أھدافھا ومتابعة تنفیذھا بعد اعتمادھا.
4 .تنفیذ أنظمةالجمعیةولوائحھاوقراراتھاوتعلیماتھا،وتعمیمھا.
5 .توفيراحتیاجاتالجمعیةمن البرامج واملشروعاتواملواردوالتجھيزاتالالزمة. 
6 .اقتراح قواعد استثمار الفائض من أموال الجمعیة وآلیات تفعیلھا.
7 .رسم وتنفیذ الخطط والبرامج التطویریة والتدریبیة التي تنعكس على تحسين أداء منسوبي
الجمعیة وتطویرھا. 
8 .رسمسیاسةمكتوبة تنظم العالقة مع املستفیدین من خدمات الجمعیة وتضمن تقدیم العنایة 
الالزمةلھم،واإلعالن عنھا بعد اعتمادھا. 
9 .تزوید الوزارة بالبیانات واملعلومات عن الجمعیةوفق النماذج املعتمدة من الوزارةوالتعاون في
إعداد التقاریر التتبعیة والسنویة بعد عرضھا على مجلس اإل دارةواعتمادھا، وتحدیث بیانات
الجمعیة بصفة دوریة 

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Maintenance and Operation Manager
The Optical Dimension Company for Operation and Maintenance
Feb 2020 - Present | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Maintenance and Purchasing Manager and Financial Auditor
The Optical Dimension Company for Operation and Maintenance
Feb 2020 - Sep 2021 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

• Handle all maintenance activities of the company, supervise maintenance staff, implement corrective and planned routine maintenance, and review and recommend new maintenance procedures and work instructions.
• Manage and oversee department operations, the maintenance of services and the implementation of new programs and/or processes (facility utilization, site repairs/construction, preventive maintenance) and implemented corrective actions to provide services within established timeframes and in compliance with related requirements.
• Supervise the maintenance of facilities and ensure they are equipped with the necessary extensions and infrastructure.
• Oversee and determine the needs of the necessary materials and equipment for the maintenance department and coordinate with procurement department for the ordering them.
• Contract with and supervise the activities of various contractors and consultants for the fulfillment of facilities.
• Negotiate contracts with suppliers/contractors and draft contractual agreements, ensuring appropriate terms and conditions are included to protect the interests of the facility.
• Determine the needs of human resources in the maintenance department, participate in the selection of employees, identify the training needs for them and make recommendations to the senior management team.
• Focus on implementing quality procedures in the company; consistently ensure the health and safety of all employees working in a hazardous environment.
• Participate and provide inputs in all major decisions related to the maintenance department.
• Prepare and submit periodic and annual reports of achievements, problems and failures to senior management.

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Maintenance and Purchasing Manager and Financial Auditor
Visual Dimension Co. for Operating and Maintenance
Feb 2020 - Sep 2021 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Relationship Manage/ Customer Sales Officer
The Saudi Investment Bank
Sep 2011 - Jan 2019 | Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Responsibilities as Relationship Manager:
• Managed the financial portfolio of bank’s corporate/HNW customers while driving the sales of bank's products/services.
• Built strong relations with bank’s customers to ensure optimum customer acquisition, retention and revenue generation.
• Developed bank’s customer base; managed current account portfolio and led efforts to achieve designated portfolio growth; developed a target sales pipeline and aggressively marketed banking products. 
• Prospected and identified new leads, pitched to clients, understood their financial needs and accordingly recommended suitable banking product or services to them.
• Assisted clients in making right decisions with their accounts and explained the bank’s services on offer to them.
• Liaised with existing customers, provided them with banking product/service information to secure more business, gathered new contacts from the existing customer base and established healthy business relations with them.
• Ensured that all relationships are in compliance with bank regulations and policies; detected money laundering activities and reported to the concerned authorities.
Responsibilities as Customer Sales Officer: 
• Efficiently handled each customer of the bank and provided them with information on banking products and services.
• Liaised with clients to ensure optimal levels of service and long-term business relations; processed cash/cheque payments and receipts in both local and foreign currencies.
• Identified cross-selling opportunities for different banking products to existing and new clients, provided clients with financial advisory services, and resolved customer grievances in time while building a loyal customer base. 
• Promoted the bank’s products and services to existing customers, generate leads and secure new business for the bank; executed industry best customer service practices at the branch.
• Handled all customer queries, complaints and inquiries related to banking transactions, products and services, and ensured prompt resolution, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction levels.
• Managed risk in each financial transaction and detected fraudulent transactions to prevent losses; consistently ensure compliance with all internal controls and banking policies and procedures. 

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Cashier / chief cashier / customer service outlet / customer sales supervis
Arab National Bank
Jan 2002 - Sep 2011 | Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Responsibilities as Customer Sales Manager /Customer Sales Representative:
• Managed all customer service operations including greeting each customer of the bank warmly and courteously and providing them with information on financial products and services offered by the bank.
• Handled all functions related to opening new and existing bank accounts; served all customers as per established banking policies & procedures and made changes to accounts, as necessary.
• Interacted with customers, identified their banking requirements, provided information on banking products and services, and directed them to branch representatives, if required.
• Developed and maintained positive relations with customers to create rapport and generate revenues. 
• Provided exceptional service to bank’s customers, responded to their requests and inquiries, and resolved their complaints or account discrepancies in a timely manner. 
• Ensured cross-selling of bank’s products/services whenever possible to meet sales goals.
• Established directions for new tellers, directed process flow and upheld standards to deliver targeted results.
• Maintained knowledge of new developments and changes in bank’s policies/procedures to enhance the quality of customer service; built awareness about new banking products and services. 
Responsibilities as Senior Teller /Teller:
• Managed all banking transactions for customers, including opening and closing accounts, check cashing, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments and cashier’s checks, and maintained detailed records of all transactions in accordance with the bank's policies.
• Processed deposits, handled transfers, credited account payments, checks and other customer transactions; monitored all transactions for signs of fraud or error.
• Maintained and balanced cash drawers on regular basis, and ensured all supporting documentation is in line with cash receipts and customer transactions. 
• Performed cash consolidation on a daily basis, prepared reports and reconciled transactions as per bank procedures. 
• Consistently ensured adherence with security and compliance procedures for protection of cash and other assets.
• Maintained bank records and financial data, ensuring all information is accurate and in compliance with bank procedures.
• Handled all transactions and confidential information in a responsible manner. 

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Branch Manager
Al Rajhi for Umrah and Visitation
Sep 2001 - Dec 2001 | Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Managing the entire Makkah branch, supervising and following up on the progress of work and submitting reports on that

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Former Hosny Saleh Organization
Oct 1994 - Sep 1999 | Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Managing the store, monitoring it, supervising meeting and providing services to customers and following up on the relevant authorities

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Data Entry Operator
Adnan Assas Pharmacy
Sep 1996 - Aug 1999 | Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Entry of all required data (drugs), follow-up of the existing deficiency, and repeat the request again


جامعة الملك عبد العزيز
Bachelor, Bachelors, Bachelors in Business Administration, بكالةريوس اقتصاد وادارة اعمال‎
Business Administration, Economatical Economics
معهد الإدارة العامة
Diploma, دبلوم ثانوي تجاري‎
اعمال مكتبية


Intermediate ERP
Intermediate Excellent Communication
Intermediate Good Relationship
Intermediate IT Services
Expert Knowledge Of Company Strategies.
Expert Organization.
Intermediate Software Sales
Intermediate customer life-cycle management
Expert Customer retention
Expert Interpersonal And Leadership Skills
Expert particularly Excel and Word
Expert 1-to-17 Marketing
Expert 4- Knowledge of Taxation
Intermediate Ability to Manage Multiple Tasks in a Fast-Paced
Intermediate Ability To Teach
Expert Account Management
Expert Account Marketing
Expert Account Sales Strategies
Expert Accounts / Manager
Intermediate Accounts Production
Intermediate Active Reports
Expert Admin Assistantce
Expert Administration
Expert Administration Tasks
Expert Administrative Tasks Management
Expert Admistrative Assistance
Intermediate All-Source Analysis
Intermediate Analytical
Expert Analytics
Expert Arabic Language
Intermediate AutoCAD 
Expert  Microsoft Office
Expert · Strong Problem-solving And Analytical Skills
Expert B2B Marketing Strategy
Intermediate B2B Sales Development
Expert Branch Administration
Expert Branch Operation
Intermediate Brand Advertising
Intermediate Budget Forecasts
Expert Build Strong Teams
Intermediate Business Development Process s
Beginner Business Dnvelopment
Expert Changing Environment
Intermediate Client Followup
Intermediate Client Realtionship Management
Expert Clinet Contact
Expert Commercial Finance Knowledge
Expert Company Website Management
Expert Concentrated Stock Management
Expert Constant Updating


Expert Arabic
Intermediate English

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