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Manages the Operations in supply chain functions of scheduling, Logistics, warehousing, distribution and transportation; Helps location consistently achieve its target customer service levels with a minimum investment in inventories and distribution costs; Works as a communication liaison between location, brand teams, customer service, and logistics in proactively communicating and/or resolving issues related to scheduling and deployment.


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Logistics Manager
Zamil Alpla
Mar 2017 - Present | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Job Summary :

As part of current responsibility oversee / manage: Purchasing, Production Planning, Material Resource
Planning, Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP), Warehousing & Distribution, Inventory, Supply Chain
Budget, Projects Management, Crisis Management functions of the factory.

Technical Duties:

1- Ensure all purchases are based on reasonable cost and on integrity of suppliers’ competition and selection.
2- Manage and follow up with Purchasing Supervisor on international and local purchases
3- Responsible for Master Production Scheduling.
4-Supervise and manage the Supply Chain & Sales Administration departments: Purchasing, Production & Supply Planning, Logistics, Shipping and Invoicing.
5-Lead and optimize Client Demand Management, but also Supply, production planning, stock levels and shipment of manufactured products.
6-Maintain and follow up relations with clients and suppliers.
7- Define and drive the Logistics strategy.
8-Improve the logistical and industrial performance and follow up indicators on a monthly basis.
9-Negotiate prices and markets and develop Business Plans.
10-Reduce purchasing, transports and logistical costs by optimizing the process.
11-Define a Supply Chain Information System and Communication standards.
12-Follow up the financial reporting on a monthly basis
13-Implement a Continuous Improvement System « Internal audit, Why Why, 5S, CIP ».
14-Manage all aspects of Production Scheduling - Managing Inventory Planning.
15-Managing Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP), Managing Material Call Off.
16-Establish and maintain effective forecasting/planning of products with inventory control.
17-Optimize production and inventory to deliver the demand plan.
18-Manage customer requirements in terms of stocks.
19-Leading the order management as well as inventory management.
20-Determine continuous improvement plans and raise all relevant issues to GM.
Create a schedule of logistics meetings and ensu

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Warehouses & Distribution Manager
Apr 2013 - Apr 2017 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Job Summary :

I am vital part of the ILS (Information & Logistic Services) , I oversee the efficient manage import & export operations, inbound & outbound delivery and supervise daily logistics and distributions operational details.
Manage transportation providers to ensure logistics requirements are aligned with Global Logistics Quality Standards. Carry out periodic performance review of all transporters to facilitate their service improvements.
Drive cost savings projects continuously to ensure an effective control on logistics cost is implemented.
Management of all types of warehouses FMCG, Pharmacy, cosmetics, furniture, Wholesale and supermarkets.
Manage relevant daily, weekly and monthly reports to ensure transparency in tracking of operational status.

Technical Duties:
1- Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of the company Targets specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and organizational planning.
2- Play a significant role in long-term planning, including an initiative geared toward Logistics operational excellence.
3- Oversee overall logistics management, warehouse management procurements management, planning, systems and controls.
4- Direct annual budgeting and planning process for the organization's annual budget with GM.
5- Oversee monthly and quarterly assessments and sales forecasts against actual, financial and operational goals.
6- Management and supervision of inventory and assets related issues disposition etc. Also responsible for allocation of assets and equipment’s to the staff.
7- Practicing excellence human resource management, supporting the development, promotion and retention of a motivated team of qualified and experienced staff.
8- Identify staffing and/or skill gaps and see that these gaps/needs are filled and support the recruitment of all Operations staff and provide day to day supervision of department.
9- Analyze th

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Dec 2008 - Mar 2013 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Job Summary :
Manages the Operations in supply chain functions of scheduling, Logistics, warehousing, distribution and transportation to outlets location; Helps location consistently achieve its target customer service levels with a minimum investment in inventories and distribution costs; Works as a communication liaison between location, brand teams, customer service, and logistics in proactively communicating and/or resolving issues related to scheduling and deployment.

Technical Duties:
1- Supervise and monitor daily supply chain & logistics operations planning, and communications to maintain & achieve planning KPIs and targets.
2- Responsible for Managing a Complex Logistics Operations ;
a- Central W.H, 8 DC’s plus Export Operations.
b- With a fleet of 22 vehicles, Serving 50 Retail Store. & 500 Clients ,
c- Managing an Influx of Imports, estimated with 233 containers during 2016. And
Dispatch Orders 10,860 Order.
3- Own Finished product inventory system (+SAR60MM) and optimization models to eliminate inventory losses, optimize inventory level and maximize company cash flow.
4- Responsible for Managing and Leading an Organization of: 21 Staff, Labor 60 of various levels 24/7 W Hrs.
5- In Charge of Warehouse Development planning.
6- Develop the team capability and provide required coaching and training for team individuals.
7- Complexity of Managing over 52,000 SKUs (fabrics for readymade Thoubs, Readymade garment and accessories) .
8- In charge of inventory reduction in the warehouses and showrooms.
9- Responsible for monthly plane amounts transferred goods for showrooms and customers.
10- Liaise with different business functions ( Customer Service & Logistics Central Team, Procurement, Product Supply, Product Change Management, and other function, Plants Logistics Teams, Sales, Trade Marketing, Finance, accounts etc.) to tackle & resolve complex business issues related to KSA

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Retail & Warehouse Operations Manager
Jan 2005 - Nov 2008 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Job Summary :
I am overseeing warehouse operations, order testing, maintenance, repairs, or replacements for machines.
Oversee the transportation of goods from production site to consumer to client, Develop and implement a logistics process. Review and approve purchase orders, ship finished products, handle incoming raw materials. Ascertain how much freight to place on shipments, monitor progress of major shipments to ensure receipt, direct the activities of logistics division.
Determine what goods sell best to commercial businesses and consumers, decide appropriate quantities of items to stock, and ensure inventory maintains optimal levels.

Technical Duties:
1- Managed a 19,000m2 facility with approximately 15,000 pallet locations, 6 docks and 70 aisles.
2- Leading 116+ employees including 3rd party labors divided into 5 departments and smaller sub teams (different shift).
3- Responsible for restructuring warehouse process and procedures continuously improving.
4- Exertion to reduce turnaround time on customer orders and deliveries.
5- Responsible of Productivity, Quality and Cost for time, labors, tools and equipment.
6- Maximize existing work methods (process) and integrate new ones.
7- Manage and Report all departments KPI’s on weekly and monthly basis.
8- Maximize existing SLA (service level agreement) and integrate new ones
9- Played a lead role in several logistical projects which transformed the Warehouse from a simple external storage facility to a complete retail service center serving the stores country wide.
10- Review suppliers, vendors, forwarder, 3PL, and warehouse contractors performance
11- Launched the new Pay & Go project which aimed to pick and deliver products to the customer home.
12- Currently working on e-commerce solutions customer’s kingdom wide.
13- People development (coaching approach).
14- Implementing atomization and advanced warehouse management systems (WMS).
15- Developing new structure including

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Jan 2001 - Dec 2005 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Job Summary :
Responsible for designing and implementing supply planning processes and system solutions for different manufacturing environments. Train and coach production schedulers in the application of best practices, ensuring that relevant planning parameters are accounted in the plan to optimize customer service, production efficiency, and inventory. Brings together customer demand, production capacity, raw material needs, and inventory impacts to create mid-term master production schedules/production plans that optimize these interrelated factors for the assigned plant locations. Support existing products and new product launches, maintain targeted inventory levels, and minimize out of stocks and obsolete/out of age inventories.
Technical Duties:
1- Responsible for setting the optimum inventory levels to meet the demand & targeted availability.
2- Prepare supplier scorecard and review supplier performance with the supplier to improve service level.
3- Supervise order planning, to ensure product availability by monitoring planning & delivery plans while maintaining stocks at the right levels, avoiding obsolescence. & ensuring best inventory turnover.
4- Responsible to design and implement the supply planning policies and procedures that ensure effective & efficient supply planning process.
5- Provides accurate and up to date monthly stocking levels, Days of coverage, Availability on branch level and policy deployment related activities.
6- Establishes and manages detailed branch distribution and action plans to ensure achievement of the overall distribution, availability and expiry targets while driving continuous improvement.
7- Organize all activities & assign jobs accordingly for staff based on capability & skill.
8- Ensure properly Inventory report, IN/OUT status report, Days of coverage, orders in the pipeline.
9- Ensure implementation of approved policy and procedures.
10- Develop Cross Function SLA with All related Dept. And monito

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Jun 1999 - Dec 2001 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Job Summary :
Responsible for managing warehouse functions within an operations and manufacturing facility across multiple departments including warehousing, Shipping/Receiving, Logistics and Asset coordination, Sets goals, objectives & measures for all support service personnel which are aligned to overall business objectives.
Technical Duties:
1- Control and supervise daily activities of Transport department personnel.
2- Control Technical condition of fleet and other Transport department equipment’s.
3- Control equipment deployment, trip progress and timing.
4- Check and verify personnel timesheets and expenses.
5- Manage the Commercial & Logistics of the company.
6- Prepares statements and reports of estimated future costs.
7- Prepare & tracking of vehicles and its variances and prepare reports.
8- Increase efficiencies in storage in the warehouse.
9- Troubleshooting systems deficiencies and operational bottlenecks
10- Responsible for streamlining warehouse process and procedures continuously improving productivity, quality and cost.


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