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I am a management professional with 34 years of core expertise in financial management, possessing associated expertise in accountancy and auditing. I am venturing for a crucial role in a dynamic company providing a vibrant environment to contribute accrued skills towards mutual growth.

As perceptible from my CV, I have an excellent track record in financial management, in conjunction with a thorough grasp of accounting gives me an explicit edge over my peers. This has enabled me to contribute in highly tangible monetary terms to the bottom lines of my current and previous employers. My demonstrated expertise as a Finance Manager, I have efficiently led and monitored financial statements and devised effective budgets during my complete tenure in the financial arena. What deserves a unique citation is that I have gained hands on experience as an Accounts Manager in my previous employments.

I have successfully diversified into wider managerial roles gaining expertise causative from a broad stance to boost company progression in a vibrant environment. What merits to be articulated is that I have evolved progressively with highly esteemed companies in the region. My proficiency spans over financial management, financial accounting, financial controlling, financial planning, budgeting and forecasting, cash flow management, payroll management. What deserves to be accentuated is that I have progressed steadily with one of the reputed companies in the region and have advanced progressively in a highly competitive business environment.

I have charted an exponential growth curve in financial management and accounting which gives me an indisputable extremity over my peers. My competence in the domains of auditing and payroll management gives me a degree of adaptability which translates to a further competitive frame in a highly competitive industry.

Maher Tahsen Saker


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مدير مالي
تواضع العالمية / مؤسسة محمد جليدان سابقا
Apr 1981 - Mar 2013 | جدة, المملكة العربية السعودية


Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport
Master, Masters, , M B A‎
محاسبة وادارة اعمال


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