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SYNOPSIS. Profile title: farms operation manager. Career goal: - To be absorbed with an organization in the capacity of agricultural manager, Horticulturist, consultancy, and project manager. Professional experience {29 years experience.}  dates farms extablishing and production management.  Annual technical programming for date palm orchard.  Budgeting and administration of farms management.  Project feasibility study.(agro-climate and resources evaluation)  Status of site-(productive capacity + potential analysis + strategic participatory approach.)  Lowering cost and increasing productivity.  Problem evaluation- insect/pest/dieses/nutrition management.  Organic compliances and regulation for certification.(EU/JANS/AUS)  Conversion practice from conventional to non-convention farming.  Selection of cropping sciences, practice & variety.  Irrigation system design.  Landscape project establishment/operation/maintaion & development.  Field based research organized.  Design & establishment of project/farm/orchard.  Marketing management of fresh/stored agriculture product.  Economical analysis-cost of production & revenue generation.  Olive oil quality improvement plan.(orchard-mill-storage-marketing)  Seminar, training and quality management of olive mill plant organized.  ISO-2200-2005/HACCP, implementing, monitoring and auditing. Specialties:- • Result focused and with proven ability to turn ideas into reality. • Expert in date palm. Olive production. Orchard management & Landscape project. Research/development/field trial & comparative study. • Adaptability and flexibility. Able to rapidly assimilate new concept and technology and industry requirement. • Ability to build an intuition/ origination & agricultural production business. • Ability to build a landscape project from beginning – finalize & opt/maint. • Manage growth of the organization in a professional and entrepreneurial manner. • Expert in Envi


Al-Jadida farms- yousuf abdul lateef & son agriculture company


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farms operational manager
Nov 2014 - Present | Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Professional experience {29 years experience.}.
• Commercial Orchard crops production and management.
• Dates & olive production.
• Irrigation management
• 19 years in aljouf agriculture development com as Horticulturist.
• 5 years in Yusuf Abdul lateef Jameel Company(YALJ group) as operational farms manager(9 farms in madina region with 75000 dates tree)
• 18 months in landscape project development and handover-ministry of sport KSA.
• 5 years in rural agriculture india.
 Horticulture farming and landscape development project.
 Orchard management & field production.
 Dates &olive orchard.
 Irrigation design & management.
 Organic farming production.
 ISO & HACCP, Organic certification,
 Farming Quality management & SOP(standard operating procedure ) implementation.
 Technical programming for Horticultural crops.
 Budgeting, copex & opex control.
 Human resource development.
 Sodium (Na+) management for quality production to excel


Dr.Babasaheb Marathwada University
Master, Masters, Masters in Business Administration, ‎
Education Management


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Expert horticulturist
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