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o Sound knowledge of operations.
o Hard worker.
o Expert supervisor in the managing inventory control, customer service and transportation logistics.
o Excellent problem solving and interpersonal skills.
o Expertise in creating and implementing comprehensive business processes to improve operational efficiencies. successful in supervising the day-to-day operations of a large manufacturing plant employing[+ 63] production staff..
o Results-oriented and decisive leader in the manufacturing industry.
o Adaptable with extensive experience in material handling, inspection.
o Familiar with all aspects of logistics, shipping and receiving and general warehouse operations.
o Comprehensive information papers, feedback reports and recommendations that influence company decision-making.
o Dedicated Transportation Logistics Coordinator qualified in data management and anomaly-based analytics.
o Logistics and transportation professional accomplished in supply and demand planning, distribution requirements planning and inventory control.
o Hardworking adept at tending, controlling and operating power-driven, stationary and portable pumps and manifold systems.
o Familiar in the Packaging and handling material Knowledge.
o Expertise in production scheduling ,Knowledgeable of quality control standard Chemical processing.
o Process certification ,Dedication to product quality, Conditioning and quality procedure expertise
o Quick learner, Computer proficient, File/records maintenance, Reports generation and analysis, Financial records and processing, Contract negotiation/review/drafting, Contract auditing, Training and development.
o Familiarity, Procedure development, Team building, Cost reduction and containment ,Multi-site operations ,Multi-unit operations management, Inventory control
o Proficient in leadership skill.
o Relationship building, Troubleshooting and problem solving.
o Proficient in developing study the equipment troubleshooting.
o Production Sup




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Jul 2011 - Feb 2014 | Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

• Managed a staff of 63 employees, including payroll and performance evaluations.
• Focused on achieving(costs, maximizing profits, quality)through teambuilding, training, improvement, and project work.
• Analysed and investigated repeat issues and ensured issues were effectively resolved.
• Conducted safety meetings and audits.
• Developed short term staffing level plans to meet present and future business needs.
• Motivated, counselled and ensured departmental employees received all required training.
• Performed yearly and quarterly performance evaluations.
• Consulted with Regulatory, Product Development, and Materials Management departments regarding the design and machine capability of packaging materials.
• Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in packaging products and materials for storage or shipment.
• Studies production order to ascertain type and quantity of product, containers to be used, and other packaging requirements.
• Inspects products prior to packaging and returns rejected products to production departments.
• Observes packaging operations and inspects containers to verify conformance to specifications.
• Starts, adjusts, and repairs packaging machinery, or notifies maintenance department.
• Trains workers in operation of equipment.
• Requisitions containers and other supplies for delivery to work stations.
• Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.

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Sep 2007 - Jun 2011 | Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

• Tends series of spheres or tanks to store and distribute liquid chemicals for use in production of industrial or consumer products, such as phosphoric acid, synthetic rubber, resins, and solvents: Observes flow meters and pressure gauges, turns valves, and starts pumps to transfer fluid chemicals to or from specified tanks and to processing areas.
• Gauges quantity of chemicals in tanks, using calibrated steel tape or rod and conversion tables.
• Maintains records of materials received and distributed, gauge readings, pumping time, and storage dates.
• Patrols tank farm area to inspect pumps, motors, valves, piping, and electrical ground-wire connections.
• May regulate admission of products through preliminary processing units, such as water-treating and refrigerating units, heat exchangers, and purification and filtration equipment.
• May draw samples of chemicals for laboratory analysis or perform concentration, acidity, or composition tests, using standard test procedure and equipment.
• May circulate fluids through weigh tanks to facilitate inventory control or supply processing areas with reweighed ingredients.

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Sep 1997 - Aug 2007 | Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

• Trained as a first line responder in the event of any unit upsets or emergencies.
• Monitored and documented all flows, levels temperatures, pressures on all rotating equipment and vessels.
• Coordinated numerous successful process unit shut downs and start-up for plant facilities
• Monitored and recorded process variables such as levels, flows, temperatures and pressures.
• Troubleshooting and problem solving issues that may develop in a timely manner.
• Identified opportunities for improvement.
• Participated in safety, health and environmental compliance.
• Participated in Quality Control program.
• Samples and tests process streams as required by the QC program and procedures.
• Performed preventive and minor maintenance activities.
• Monitored and maintained inventories of process chemicals supplies.
• Possessed broad working knowledge of valves, tanks, and pumps necessary in performing tasks.
• Provided accurate and timely data collection, documentation, entry, and detailed reporting activities.
• Routinely filled finished product.
• Certified sit down forklift and yard truck, completed respirator training.
• Skilled in latest computer applications: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) and SAP.
• Responsible for all routine safety and fluid checks on engine and conveyor belt systems
• Handled hazardous materials daily with consistent adherence to safety guidelines
• Prevented loss time accidents by maintaining a hazardous waste pad, ensuring a safe working environment for all.
• Constantly reviewed the operation of the plant to monitor production and quality.
• Anticipated and solved problems in a timely manner while identifying any opportunities for improvement.
• analysed specifications and controlled continuous operation.
• Recognized multiple times quick life/environmental saving decisions.
• Maintained pumps, pipes, control valves, meters, and electronic controllers.
• Regulated process upsets to eliminate or minimize an environment


Yanbu Industrial College
Diploma, دبلوم لغه انجليزيه‎
اللغة (الإنجليزية)


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