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Process & Production Operations Engineer along with PGD in Health, Safety and Environmental management having 7 years’ experience of Process Engineering, Oil & Gas Process Operations, Plant Operations, Production Planning & Monitoring, Shifts Operations & Management, Plant Troubleshooting, Safe plant startup/shut down, Plant Field Operations, DCS Process Monitoring & Controlling, Plant commissioning,HAZOP, QRA, technical Reports writing and developing SOPs & Operations manuals in Oil & Gas, Polymer & Petrochemical industries.


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Process Engineer
Applus Velosi Safety and Integrity
May 2017 - Dec 2019

Projects Completed:
(1) Development of Operations Manuals & Procedures for ADNOC Onshore UAE& BAPCO Sudan
• Development of Plant Operations Manuals of following units:
✓ Oil & Gas Producer Well ✓ Gas Remote Station ✓ Gas Compressor Station
✓ Remote Manifold Station ✓ Flowline and Trunkline Operations ✓ Pigging Operations
• Write general operation of all types of wells, oil/ water separators, de-salters, pumps, gas compressors, gas liquids
knockout vessels, water treatment plants, manifolds and meter stations using ICONICS, PI and LOWIS application in Operations manuals.
• Development of Operations Manual for Marine Terminal, Pumping Stations & Pipelines.
• Development of SOP’s of Production Separators & Pumps, Well Testing & Pigging Operations, KOD & Flare.
• Development of SOPs and startup / Shutdown procedures for Nitrogen Generation Package, Instrument air & dryer package for, Chemical Injection System, oil and water treating facilities and metering station.
(2) To Carry out HAZOP Study of Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) for TAKREER Ruwais refinery
• To carry out HAZOP Study of SRU Unit and participate in HAZOP meetings.
• Participates in development and implementation of HAZOP (hazard and operability study) reviews and recommendation follow-up
(3) Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) of Linear Alkyl Benzene LAB Unit for ADNOC Refining Ruwais Refinery
• Participate in HAZID Workshop with the client and representatives of the other engineering disciplines.
• To define isolatable sections on hazards identifications and carry out release frequency and consequences analysis.

Responsibilities as Process Engineer
• Developing Operating manuals for ADNOC Onshore UAE and value additions as per changes occurred in plant.
• Provide technical services and assistance to other sections such as Instrumentation, Maintenance, Inspection and Material as required.
• To liaise with the Client’s Engineering, Operations and Maintenance staff as required to ensure a consistent approach to project completion.
• Troubleshoot deviations and process control problems to ensure reliable, safe, and productive operation
• Identify, evaluate and optimize process solutions related to process modeling, R&D, optimization, design, costing and implementation.
• Prepare, schedule, coordinate and monitor the assigned engineering projects
• Review engineering deliverables and initiate appropriate corrective actions
• Provide assistance and follow-up of process studies in the project phase of the development process.
• To developing EHS work instructions, Procedures, Plans and Formats and SOP's and strategies.
• Foster positive communications and relationships with team members, management, vendors and clients.
• To participate in HAZOP, HAZID, SIL AND Risk Assessment studies pertaining to modifications, Plan Procedures and New Projects.
• Review vendor equipment documentation within the discipline and from other disciplines for compliance with project requirements, and actively seek discrepancy resolution
• Perform and check calculations, specify equipment, and solve moderately complex engineering problems
• Review Operations & control and ESD Philosophies and vendor documents communicate results of technical data generated
• Provide technical field support in startup, troubleshooting, root cause analysis and report preparation
• Review & Update / Developed project documentation, such as design basis Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), Cause & Effect Matrix, Process Control and ESD Philosophies.
• Interface with staff engineers; direct/guide CAD drafting personnel during project execution.
• Ensure compliance with IMS standards and Schedule and coordinate work to tight deadlines.
• Calculate and organize data for process flow sheets including instrumentation and control considerations.
• Carry out Hazard analysis techniques for process safety and risk management.
• Investigate and troubleshoot any problems that arise with processes, procedures and operations.

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Operations Engineer (Shift Supervisor)
Novatex Limited (Gatronova Polymer & Petrochemical Industries)
Jan 2013 - Apr 2017 | Karachi, Pakistan

Projects Completed:
(1) Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning of Solid-State Polymerization Plant of 600 tons/day
• Worked as process commissioning engineer in the Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning of SSP Plant.
• Take part in planning, scheduling and operational strategies of Plant commissioning and startup etc.
• Carry out operations working during plant commissioning including punch listing, loop testing, equipment’s and lines verification by study of P&IDs and Field layouts.
• Supervise hydro testing, purging, leak testing, Operational Checkout, flushing of lines and inspection of vessels.
• Supervise catalyst filling, vacuum holdup test and also monitoring and controlling parameters from DCS.
• Startup of the plant from DCS Control Room and plant field operations follow closely the work, meet deadlines and quality standards and respecting safety requirements.
(2) Revamping of Poly-condensation Plant from 600 tons to 850 tons /day
• Carry out planned shutdown of the plant from DCS Control Room and plant field operations and draining, purging the plant loops by following SOPs and safety requirements.
• Take part in the review of work packages for planned maintenance activities, confirms that isolation requirements are applied.
• ensures that the preparation of equipment is planned in a manner that provides a safe environment in which trainees can work. Endorse or co-sign Work Permits as applicable.
• Successfully accomplished all assigned jobs including revamping activities, installation of new equipment, study and calculation of process data sheets.
• Lead new equipment commissioning in the production plants and train the production teams.
• Successfully startup of newly installed facilities e.g. product pumps, filters, heating medium loops, furnaces, Demin water circuit, product loops and pallets cutting units.

Responsibilities as Operations Engineer (Shift Supervisor Plant Field & DCS Operations)
• Supervising Process controlling of Poly-condensation and solid state Polymerization plant through through plant field operations and DCS Working.
• Operating, controlling, recording of the process parameters and reporting the status of the training plant to the Lead Instructor.
• Ensure shift operations are within approved parameters to achieve production targets by implementing safe operational and HSEQ practices.
• Operates and manages process parameters of number of units, controlling all process parameters like flow, temperature, pressure etc through DCS Operating System to achieve safe running of the plant and maintain uninterrupted production as per operational procedures.
• Maintains continuous liaison with other Control Room Operators to coordinate the required supplies according to production conditions.
• Carry out the job function in accordance with HSE commitment and implement ISO-14001, 9001 and OHSAS18001 policies and standards.
• Alters operating conditions or product flows to allow isolation of equipment for maintenance and re-commissioning plant operations following completion of maintenance as per operational procedures.
• Communicates with other Control Room Operator to coordinate operations that may affect the operation and/or production of any unit within the plant.
• Ensuring the security of company assets by operating in a safe and efficient manner.
• Monitor Plant's Equipment performance including Pumps,Compressors, Blowers ,Cooling Towers ,Reactors,Transmitters,Scrapper Condensers,evaporators, coal fired oven etc.
• Initiating unit, train and emergency shutdown of process and utility system during abnormal operation, or as a result of an emergency situation on the installation
• Report to Lead Instructor on status of daily activities and work progress and control and plan the field activities accordingly.
• Troubleshoot the production abnormalities arising on day today basis.
• Planning, mobilizing and managing materials, equipment and manpower resources to optimize operational efficiency. Carry out shift to shift hand over discussion related to daily activities.
• Operate process related equipment and plant process control systems in a safe environmentally responsible manner
• Responsible for performing process equipment troubleshooting, routine equipment repairs, improvements and preventative maintenance.
• Troubleshoot deviations and process control problems to ensure reliable, safe, and productive operation
• Identify root causes, recommend and implement technical solutions and audit follow-up
• Provide process safety expertise for Management of Change (MOC) , Pre-Start-Up Safety Reviews (PSSR)
• Analyze daily unit operating parameters and lab data for overall plant performance (safety, quality, efficiency,
reliability, and throughput)
• Ensure shift operations are within approved parameters to achieve production targets by implementing safe
operational and HSEQ standards.
• Analyze reasons for production losses, monitor emissions and effluent discharges to keep them within NEQs limits.
• Carry out the job function in accordance with HSE commitment and implement ISO-14001, 9001 and OHSAS-18001
policies and standards.
• Working with O&M teams to review and optimize production through process analyses, engineering reviews and
system debottlenecking.
• Apply first line maintenance to the equipment on station or field. Participate in "what ifs" and "HAZOP" reviews.
• Perform Lock out, tag out procedure before releasing any equipment for maintenance.
• To handle and resume operations during power failures and carry out Startup of plant from Dcs and Plant Field.
• Responsible for implementation of PTW systems, plant jobs, preventive maintenance programs, breakdown and
emergency repairs.
• Report and advises management about plant capabilities, operational issues, HSE problems and Housekeeping.
• Preparation of Equipment Breakdown or failure & Raw material/utility consumption reports & SOP's and Check lists.
• Improve process facility by sharing a new applicable idea, safety talk, best practice, lesson learnt, etc.
• Motivation and training of the people working in the plant and trainee engineers.
• To manage team of junior Engineers along with plant operators for Operational Activities.


NED University of Engineering & Technology
Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in HSE Management‎
Health, Safety and Environmental Engineering
University of Karachi
Bachelor, Bachelors, Bachelors in Science, Bachelors in Chemical Engineering (B.E)‎
Chemical Science, Production and Operations Management, Environmental Management
CGPA 2.8/4
University of Karachi
Bachelor, Bachelors, , ‎
Chemical Engineering
CGPA 2.8/4
NED University of Engineering & Technology
Certification, ‎
Environmental Management


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