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Doctor pharmacist in almosaidia children hospital KSA 2008-2015
Prepares medications by reviewing and interpreting physician ordersdetecting therapeutic incompatibilities
Dispenses medications by compounding,packaging andlabeling pharmaceuticals.
Controls medications by monitoring drug therapiesadvising intervention.
Completes pharmacy requirements by organizing and directing stuff workflowverifying their preparation and labeling of pharmacuticalsverifying order entries,charges,and inspection.
Provides pharmacological information by answering questions and requests of health care professionalscounselling patients on drug therapies contemporary drug design and development drug-target interaction pharmaceutical separation science organic synthesised medicinal compounds biochemical principles of drug action research methodologies research seminar heterocycles in medicinal chemistry stereo chemistry in drug action combinatorial science in drug discovery drug and disease related biomarkers computer-aided drug design structure elucidation of pharmaceutical compounds pharmacokinetics and toxicophores in drug discovery advanced pharmaceutical separation science biological screening pharmacogenomics and pharmacokinetics drug delivery systems structural elucidation of natural products chemistry of natural products


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Doctor pharmacist
Maternal and Children Hospital
Jan 2008 - Jan 2015 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Prepares medication
Dispenses medications
Controls medications
Completes pharmacy requirements
Preparation and labeling of pharmaceuticals
Provides pharmacological information answering question and requests of health care professionals advanced pharmacology clinical pharmacology general toxicology drug abuse research methods seminar pharmacological screening pharmacogenomics andpharmacogenetics drug metabolism and disposition molecular pharmacology and toxicology clinical toxicology selected topics pharmacokinetics alternative medicine cardiovascular physiology phases of drug development endocrine pharmacology pharmacoepidemiology advanced enviromentaltoxicology


King Saud University
Bachelor, Bachelors, , DOCTOR PHARMACIST‎
BS. Psychology
CGPA 2.4/5


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