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Entrepreneur ; Content Creator & Early Childhood Education Consultant with 25+ years of experience responsible for the effectivization and realization of ;

1. Provoking and instituting reforms in the education domain at the micro and macro levels
2. Consulting proficiency to fabricate best practices into Saudi context and pragmatism
3. Researching expertise based on accumulated capabilities and strong background
4. Implementing initiatives from initiation phase to delivery
5. Leveraging project management skills to attain high-quality results and meet deadlines
6. Building capacity and leading managerial functions at the private and public sectors
7. Creating talents thru in-depth & wide-spectrum professional development programs
8. Head starting, nurturing and sustaining Total Quality Management culture and conduct
9. Launching startups and sustaining stages of growth on the entrepreneurial front
10. Providing specialized expertise to local and international organizations / agencies

Currently seeking opportunity; to shoulder responsibilities beyond knowledge, skills and expertise; to contribute and support mega projects / initiatives execution and ensure alignment and compliance with the requirements of Vision 2030.


Saudi Early Learning Standards


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المدير / المالك
مدارس مروج المعرفة الأهلية
Sep 2012 - Present | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

• Managing and instituting the start-up phase to build a national flagship center of excellence in early childhood education validated by the best international standards and developmentally appropriate practices

• Facilitating a progressive learning environment by introducing our home-based model: “Pillars of School Success” thru; (Improving Program; Optimizing Potentials; Advancing Performance; Developing Profession; Planning Progress; & Building Partnerships)
• Developing, implementing, and assessing academic programs and learning environments
• Integrating the most effective curriculum, locate beneficial resources, and adapt educational philosophy to ensure better learning outcomes

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Freelanc Trainer and Consultant
Sep 1993 - Present | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

• Collaborating with local and international agencies to deliver training courses;
- The Institute of Banking at the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA)
- King Abdul-Aziz and his Companions Foundation for Gifted Students (2005)
- Term appointed Lecturer, The University of Maryland in Saudi

• Providing consultancy services to;
- Taleem 2016 Conference & Exibition, MoE
- The Centennial Fund
- The United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

• Participated in “Focus Group” sessions among which;
- National Transformational Plan (NTP) – Education Workshops
- Tatweer 4 Education Company; NAEYC – Development and Learning Standards Project
- Tatweer Project; Public Education Strategy & MoE Re-structuring Project
- Tatweer Holding Company; Improving the Early Childhood provision

• Gained 3-year practical experience at the Canadian Financial Sector
- Market Analyst, ARA Sales & Trading International Customer Services
- Field Underwriter, New York Life Insurance Company of Canada
- Members’ Services, Vancouver City Credit Union (VaCity)

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مستشار معالي النائب لتعليم البنات
وزارة التربية والتعليم
Mar 2009 - Nov 2012 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Played key role in attaining the following:
• Setting broad form frame of reference on "Building Excellence Thru National Early Childhood Learning and Development Standards" project.
• Evolving the standards project into the “Saudi Early Learning Standards – Children 3 to 6 Years Old” initiated by Tatweer for Educational Services Company’s in partnership with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
• Fabricating best education practices and articulating learning standards into system reform within local context and pragmatism thru in-depth comparative research grounded on field studies and desired learning outcomes
• Provoking collaboration on education reform at high-level ministerial commissions, international conferences, and meeting delegations from international agencies, top consulting firms, and international foreign missions

Ministerial / Governmental Commission & Joint-Committees at the MoE
• Member: Scientific Team for NAEYC – Preschool Development and Learning Standards Project
• Member: Committee on Improving Early Childhood Education Learning Environment
• Member: Knowledge Based Economy Task Force Committee in collaboration with Korea Development Institute (KDI ), and the Ministry of Planning – KSA)
• Head : Committee for the UNESCO - Secretary General Visit to the MoE, KSA
• Member/MoE Delegation: Tatweer Project (Strategy Track) for the Comprehensive Program on Preschool Education Development
• Member : Higher Commission on Early Childhood Education (ECE)
• Member : Consultative Committee on Enhancing Private Sector Participation in the Early Childhood Education study submitted by Booz & Company
• Member: Administrative Committees on Interviewing and Setting the Selection Criteria for MoE new female recruits

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مستشار ورئيس قطاع التعليم
الهيئة العامة للإستثمار
Sep 2005 - Jun 2007 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Advisor, Education Sector
Attained achievements:
- Formulating the 2007 - 2010 Education Sector strategy and aligning projects' deliverables and sector's KPIs to comply with the national (10 x 10) Competitiveness Goal and the (20/20) Economic Cities Prosperity Goal

II Head of Education Sector (Member of Exe. Team)
Investment Specialist in Education

Identified and managed mega investments opportunities in education and KBI sub-sectors (Health Care & Life Science). Attained achievements;
- Launching the Education Sector as a SBU to contribute to the Kingdom’s strategy for becoming a Knowledge-based society by 2025
- Formulating the Edu Sector’s 2006 investment strategy
- Encouraging the acquisition, usage, and dissemination of Knowledge with top-ranked educational institutions across all investment projects
- Introducing the “Voucher” package & “Merit-Based” scholarship for KSA education
- Backing and supporting efforts and resources for the KBI National Investment Strategy conducted by Stanford Research Institute (SRI)
- Introducing “Pockets of Educational Excellence” initiatives for the economic cities from conceptual to concrete stages with educational entities
- Preparing Requests for Proposals “RFPs” to:
 put together the Economic Cities Education investment strategy
 deliver focused investment opportunities based on gap assessment
 identify regional skills-set needed on (5 – 10 – 15) year projections.
 develop sector's soft infrastructure

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محاضر - مدرب
معهد الإدارة العامة
Sep 1993 - Sep 2005 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I Management Consultant
Conducting business re-modeling and organizational re-structuring for Al-Wafa charity and Ajja philanthropic association

II Total Quality Management (TQM) - Specialist
Recapping the responsibilities to shoulder and head start the development the TQM Unit at the women’s branch and nurture a TQM culture, alongside facilitating TQM awareness
III Lecturer / Trainer
Attained Achievements:
• Co-Delivering focused Executive Seminars
• Co-designing training programs and developing training materials
• Delivering pre-service skill-based courses for the “Diploma” designation
• Auditing and reviewing training package
• Providing lectures for theory courses
• Conducting lab instructions’ courses for operating PC applications
IV Training Sectors’ Coordinator

• Managing the business start-up and periods of rapid growth
• Standardizing the acceptance criteria for the IPA programs
• Improving talent compatibility to market needs thru market research
• Growing employment proposals and opportunities for IPA graduates
• Introducing soft skills seminars at the executive level
V Training Internship Supervisor

Creating partnership with local banks to introduce the internship assignments, and crafting a professional training approach (documentations, manuals, … ) for IPA Banking Operations female trainees’ groups (10 Groups – 250 trainees).

Other IPA achievements
• Head-start the workshops and executive seminars delivery for the Eastern, Western & Northern provinces in KSA as a member of the “IPA Mobile Teams”
• Promoted sectors HR requirements in accordance with identified competencies
• Encouraged the in-house training programs to enhance co-workers’ skills
• Conducted “Job Market Needs Assessment” study for launching the new programs, or resuming idle programs.


Expert Banking
Expert Business Plans Execution
Expert Content Design
Intermediate Investment Advisory
Expert Management Analysis 
Expert Planning Consultancy
Expert Quality Consulting
Expert Research Consulting
Expert Start-up Formation
Expert Training Developement


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