Please turn on your javascript Sudeep G - Telecom O&M Team Leader - Huawei Technologies - Trivandrum, India


 Bachelors of Engineering from Adhiyamaan College Of Engineering, India, professional with 10+ years of
rich experience in Operations & Maintenance, Installation & Commissioning of BTS, MW transmission and
Drive Testing. Materials & Spare Parts Management and Team Management for BSS in Telecom Domain.
 Demonstrated abilities in working on utility handling and machine maintenance initiatives, thereby bringing down equipment breakdown & achieving annual costs savings.
 Expertise in managing troubleshooting functions for reducing breakdown / downtime & enhancing operational reliability of equipment and systems.
 An effective communicator with excellent relationship management skills and strong analytical, leadership, problem solving & organizational abilities.


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Telecom O&M Team Leader
Huawei Technologies
Nov 2015 - Dec 2017 | Trivandrum, India

 Supervise installation of the site accessories (Huawei 2G, 3G, 4G NodeB & IBS).
 Responsible for the Operation and Maintenance of BTS of 255 sites.
 Installation of new NodeB, RRU and CPRI cable routing for new sites.
 Installation of RRU, CPRI and RRU power cable routing for sector addition.
 Coordinating with different work teams to complete the required job according to Acceptance criteria.
 Managed the clearing of all snags for Final Acceptance Test.
 Ensure quality installation and test records according to the specs.
 Extension of external alarm for BSC & BTS to GNOC/OMCR.
 Daily basis site preventive maintenance and joint visit for related IP (Infra) vendors/subcontractors to
maintaining uptime and resolving site related issues.
 Coordinating with ISP/OSP team(Idea,Airtel.Vodafone) in condition of fiber cut restoration and outdoor utility
team for minimize the down time.
 Performing system Acceptance Test and stability Test for Microwave.
 Managed the clearing of all snags for Final Acceptance Test.
 Ensure quality installation and test records according to the specs.
 Coordinating with vendors of DG, Power Plant, Battery Bank for quick rectification.
 Weekly meeting with client for customer complaints and network related issues.
 Weekly meeting with IP (Infra) ISP/OSP and BU team for minimizing network/site related issues.
 Daily basis cluster BSS Activity report submitting to the circle.
 Weekly/Monthly basis cluster performance analysis report submitting to circle team
 Reported directly to the Project Manager about the progress on works.
 Weekly Issue tracker submission and Review.
 Well versed with testing and measuring equipments like E1 tester, power meter(ANRISTU),GPS handling
(Garmin), Site Master (BIRD, ANRISTU) for V.S.W.R

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Telecom O&M Engineer
Jan 2014 - Nov 2015 | Cochin, India

 Responsible for the Operation and Maintenance of BTS & Transmission of 2 BSC and 180 sites.
 Supervision of the GSM Sites 24x7, On Call visits to sites for alarm clearance to ensure smooth operations &
maintenance in the region.
 Performing Preventive Maintenance of all the Network Elements (BTS & Microwave) at the Sites to prevent any
instantaneous alarms on the GSM Site to improve the quality of GSM Operator.
 Commissioning, Troubleshooting & Up-gradation of the Ericsson PDH & SDH Microwave Links.
 Maintenance & Troubleshooting of BTS (2111/2202/2204/2204V2/2206/2964/6202/6101).
 Operation & Maintenance of Base Station Controller (BSC).
 Checking & Corrective Maintenance of VSWR of GSM sites with Site Master (Checking the VSWR for the Feeder Cable
and jumpers, VSWR Problem Resolution, etc).
 IDB configuration, Conducting Sector Expansions, TRX – Grow/De-grow, TRX blocks Clearance.
 Time slot addition, Traffic-Routing, Hop Up-gradation for PDH & SDH Links. Patching, testing and checking of Alarms
in DDF Frames.
 Worked on RADWIN WIRELESS SYSTEM to provide E1+Ethernet services to customers.
 Looking after all the issues at the sites regarding MW transmission Outages.
 Closing the Trouble Tickets within the given time.
 Troubleshooting of alarm Occurrences and analyzing the cause of the alarm.
 Monitored spares / replacement of faulty Modules, Sub-System and Cables etc.
 Performed Acceptance of the sites.
 Follow up with Area Managers the status of verbal & written reports of technical & non-technical site problems

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Telecom Acceptance Co-ordinator
Alcatel Lucent
Jun 2012 - Aug 2013 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

 Working as Acceptance (PAT) coordinator for 2G, 3G, and LTE sites, coordinating with different department (Rollout, RNE, and FLM).
 Responsible for Scheduling the Pat for all the scope (2G, 3G & LTE modernization) and also for new sites (2G, 3G & LTE New Site).
 Direct Interaction with client (Saudi Telecom) for complete site quality.
 Managing Site Engineers and Supervisors for site visit for PAT.
 Coordinating with Civil Teams for the Handover of New sites to O&M.
 Coordinating with Rollout, RF and other technical teams to get the readiness of sites for PAT.
 Coordinating with Integration Team and MSC Team for the creation of CGI for New sites.

 Managing required documentation for site Acceptance.
 Coordinating with Subcontractors to submit the Pat documents within the time limit.

 Follow-up with Customer the PAT Documentation submitted within the agreed KPI.
 Sending weekly PAT Progress Report to Customer.
 Track project progress and report back to the project managers and/or stakeholders using spreadsheets, word documents, or MS Project.
 Weekly meeting with Customer.
 Uploading Sweep Test, Site Verification Report (SVR), SCO for Modernization Sites on NPTS (STC Tool).
 Uploading Sweep Test, Site Verification Report (SVR), SAF, CGI definition for New Sites on NPTS.
 Updating Job number, Installation Date, PISM Date, Civil Installation Date, Power Date on NPTS.
 Collecting PAT Documents from Subcontractors and review according to the design.
 Rejecting the PAT Documents don’t have FTR/FIS /Oil sheet/PAT Date/Signature(Vendor/STC)
 Rejecting the PAT Document if it is not according to the Actual design.
 Submission of PAT Documents to STC (Saudi Telecom) for Approval.
 Manage the snags clearance team to ensure snags free site on the network.
 Sending daily report (PAT Document Summary) to Acceptance Manager & Project Managers.
 Follow-up with Customer the PAT Documentation submitted within the agreed KPI.
 Coordi

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Telecom Engineer Co-ordinator
Feb 2011 - Jan 2012 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

 Performed RBS HW upgrade / CE upgrade / 7.2 Mpbs expansion / 14.4 Mpbs expansion / 42 Mpbs / 2nd Carrier upgrade / 3rd Carrier (RBS3206) / IP RAN / re-configuration / re-integration.
 Manage and co-ordinate the Implementation Team consisting of Engineers and multiple subcontractors.
 Organize program to meet and exceed client’s expectations and project requirements.
 Provide technical support and guidance regarding the implementation and deployment of the Ericsson RBS equipment to engineers, subcontractors and project management.
 Provide logistical and administrative support to implementation engineers and subcontractors.
 Ensure resource and materials are sufficient to meet project time scales.
 Coordination with IE for layouts and preparation of SMRs, installation of equipment and configuration.
 Preparing SMR in order to get the Delivery Order number.
 Coordination with Regional RAN team for IE, Equipment Delivered on sites.
 Compile status reports for Project management and client.
 Responsible for regular follow up with vendors regarding Installation and other material related issues.
 Solving material related issues by coordinating with Warehouse team to have all material in time in order to avoid last hour rush.
 Equipment and materials tracking for the upcoming and existing sites.
 Coordinating and lead RBS/ BTS/ RAN and Node B implementation and acceptance.
 Providing technical support regarding RBS/ BTS/ RAN & Node B installation, configuration, integration, activation and troubleshooting of both hardware and software.
 Verification and performing of relevant test protocols required by the client.
 Monitoring of site activities and providing updates to the Line Manager, Project Manager and to the client regarding site status.
 Coordinate with Transmission & E-E team regarding to apply the MDT for expansions, 2nd carrier and upgrade.
 Updating MDT status on Ericsson Tool “Site Handler”.
 Track equipment for delivery

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Telecom Engineer
Feb 2010 - Nov 2010 | Cochin, India

Provide guidance and direction to team members in their day-to-day activities.
 O&M of HUAWEI Transmission (Optix RTN 600,620,900 series) and HUAWEI BTS Installation (3900,3900A).
 Acceptance Test for Microwave & BTS.
 Checking of VSWR and Transmit power.
 Supervise installation of the site accessories.
 Ensure quality installation and test records according to the specs.
 Site inspection and quality check time to time.
 Maintain the sites being installed completely.
 Prepare daily report to Management and customers.
 Follow up any issues regarding site preparation, installation and implementation of sites

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Telecom Engineer
Saudi Networkers Services
Jun 2006 - Nov 2009 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

O&M Engineer
 Installation, Integration &Commissioning of Minilink TN, Magazine 2P, 6P, 20P and High Capacity.
 Corrective & Preventive Maintenance of Transmission Equipment in Site as well as in BSC.
 Operation & Maintenance of Minilink Traffic Node & High capacity.

 Attend all MDT related Tasks and Re-homing in BSC.
 Procedure for Microwave Link’s on the behalf of Customer.
 Escalation of any deficiencies in the equipment.
 Operational Excellence and Cost Efficiency.
 Management of all On-site Regional- Transmission activities of the services and/or resources in the Network.
 Define Transmission-Regional Priorities.
 Technical Support for Quality and root Cause Analysis.
 Ensure that the Regional Transmission team is adequately staffed according to the service delivery requirements.
 Conduct or participate interviews – for the selection of Transmission Personnel.
 Recognize Training requirements – for of personnel and give coaching where applicable.
 Ensure that the Management Team receives reports of Transmission and / or other performance reports applicable on scheduled basis.
 Develop accurate and complete preventive maintenance routines.
 Resolve operational develop issues.

Drive Test Engineer – Saudi Networkers Services (BATCO), Saudi Arabia

2G & 3G
 Processing 3G/2G Drive Test using TEMS investigation 7.0 analyze log files and provide reports using MapInfo.
 Hand Over Test Calls (Soft, Softer & Hard).
 Data Collection using TEMS Investigation using 3G/2G phones.
 3G/2G Site Acceptances – PAT (Video call, Voice Call, PS Test, Streaming Test and HSDPA).
 Periodic Drive Testing to determine network problems like Drop Calls, HO failure, interference, Call quality, Cross feeder, etc.
 Customer complaints investigation and problem identification.
 Site External Hardware configuration (RET, ASC, Antennas, etc).
 Site Auditing for the new and existing site (Checking Tilt & Azimuth).
 Health Check of


Adhiyamaan College Of Engineering
Bachelor, Bachelors, Bachelors in Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering‎
Electronics & Communication
Percentage 60%


Expert 3G
Expert BSS
Beginner Drive Testing
Expert GSM
Beginner LTE
Expert O&M Engineering
Intermediate RAN
Expert RF


Beginner Punjabi
Expert Tamil
Expert Hindi
Expert English