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uties are:1)Understand and follow work, safety and attendance policies.2)Under the processforeman's supervision, produceClorox bleach(CLB) ..
Aug 10, 2021 1 Year 5K - 6K
Receive sales orders from B design and convert it into production orders and process it on time.Review the sales orders and organize in term..
Jul 27, 2021 3 Years
1.     Support the Pricing manager and unit staff in planning the job requirements and mainly the resource requirements.2.     Analyze the p..
Jul 27, 2021 1 Year
Collaborate positively with Production and embrace teamwork mindsetProduce specifications and drawings that have to be centered on written i..
Jul 27, 2021 1 Year
Set up machines at the beginning of shift to ensure proper working orderPerform testing procedures to ensure that machines work optimally du..
Jul 27, 2021 2 Years
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