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I am an ambitious woman with a high self-discipline and commitment. Professionally, I have the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. I am currently working as an admin with the Arabian Centres, a real stat company. Therefore, I am the key part of the management. I’m responsible of improving the organization process through daily, weekly, and monthly reports to the upper management to discuss the most effective strategies that ultimately will provide mutual profits and success for the company and employees.


شعار الشركة
Administration Assistance
Arabian Centres
نوفمبر ۲۰۱۸ - الآن | Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia

Had a job rotation in operation and leasing sector.

Responsibilities and duties are:

• Communicating with the upper management to improve asset, operation, and leasing strategies.

• Monitoring operational performance of the external suppliers' services.

• Monitoring facility condition and environmental performance and recommending or approving funding levels and spending plans.

• Resolve administrative problems (Legal cases, fines, notice).

• Provide human resource support as needed for new customer service or operation executive employees.

• In-charge of the event management and planning along with the media advertisement.

• Provide municipality approval, if needed, for any new strategies from the upper management.

• In-direct purchases (MR creation, order placement, invoice tracking) – Petty cash.

• Maintain an update to the internal site audit department, asset management, and development & delivery sector.

• Handles all post tenants related responsibilities starting from (Handover or quotation, collections, sales data, holdover, termination, evacuation latter)

• Assist as a project coordinator for the building (JCC, DIS, DNF, Inventory, etc.)

شعار الشركة
Translation Specialist ( Internship Trainee )
Health Services Program of The Royal Commission
يناير ۲۰۱۸ - مايو ۲۰۱۸ | Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia

Job rotation in the following positions :

Translation specialist and executive secretary, Media and Communication Unit at the Royal Commission Health Services Program.

Responsibilities and errands were :

• Translation from English to Arabic and vice versa.
• Administrative tasks in general.
• Creative writing and journalism.
• Event planning and scheduling.
• Campaigns organization.


University College of Jubail
بكالوريوس, شهادة بكالوريوس, بكالوريوس آداب, Bachelor of English Language‎
English Language major
CGPA 2.66/4


متوسط Project Administration


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