• To ensure the SLA Targets are met within planned time, cost and quality norms by ensuring effective utilization of the allocated resources.

• To ensure the development and maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other documentation to ensure uniformity across teams and processes.

• Responsible for process deliverables as per agreed SLA's and quality.

• Performance Management.

• Ensure timely appraisals of the operations team.

• Ensure that attrition is managed in the business and the right people with the right skills are recruited into roles.

• Handle escalations - internal from within the organization and external from clients.

• Liaison with various departments within the organization.

• Take the lead in implementing new systems and processes.

• Suggest areas of improvement to the client.

• Address any people management issues on the operations floor.

• Plan shift management and floor planning.

• To ensure seamless handover of the shifts by reviewing the Shift Handover process and suggest any improvements.

• Conducting Manager's review sessions periodically and identify the areas of concern and suggest improvement plan for the same.

• Present the weekly / monthly process wise performance to senior management & to clients.

• Facilitate to meet contractual obligations and client expectations.

• Ensure all contingency plans are in place.

• To maintain a perfect work flow of the profit center, preparing strategies for implementing effective concept of operation, better productivity and profitability.

• Operational planning and change co-ordination for all expansion initiatives.

• Monitor employee satisfaction and act to ensure that this remains high.

• Manage staff on a daily basis, distribute work, assign account responsibilities, ensure appropriate staff

levels, and provide necessary training.

• To ensure performance levels of Team Managers and Process Executives meet the service level agreements.

• Monitor core departmental deliverables of cash and asset reconciliations for completion within established deadlines.

• Exceptions are reviewed, researched and resolved for all accounts per established tolerance levels.

• Work with the team to complete long-range projects designed to improve workflows, streamline processes, lower error rates, increase client satisfaction, etc.

• Participate in cross-departmental initiatives formulated to create or improve existing functionality and processes.

• Consistently evaluate and update documented procedures to ensure they are complete, accurate and current.

• Drive performance & cost-efficient process initiatives

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