• Ensure the effective cascading of maintenance strategy and plans into mid to short-term plans and review the development of all related plans to facilitate operations within set timelines.
  • Check and approve operational reports, maintenance requisitions and work orders, supplies of office tools and equipment, etc. to control and ensure that all maintenance activities are carried out within the set standards, procedures, and SLAs.
  • Investigate opportunities for outsourcing with the aim of cost saving and optimum service provision to the organization.
  • Oversee the provision of timely response to all relevant emergencies or breakdowns and the implementation of prompt corrective actions to ensure service availability and minimization of further damages.
  • Supervise Preventive and Corrective maintenance activities in all offices, which include General & Electromechanical, AC, Plumbing, Lighting, Power, etc.
  • Supervise maintenance and cleaning teams, and determine schedules, sequences, and assignments for work activities, based on work priority, quantity of equipment and skill of personnel to order and issue cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Coordinate, oversee and/or manage repair and maintenance work assignments performed by technicians performing maintenance service.
  • Follow up with technicians before they leave a job site to ensure completion of work or verify what work remains if the technician was not able to complete work on first trip.

تفاصيل الوظيفة

قناة الوظيفة:
المجال الصناعي:
المجال الوظيفي:
مجموع الشواغر:
5 شاغر
نوع الدوام:
الوردية الأولى في الصباح
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أدنى مؤهل:
شهادة بكالوريوس
المستوى المهني:
خريج - 5 سنوات
السفر المطلوب:
Not Required
آخر تاريخ للتقديم:
أغسطس ۱۲, ۲۰۲۴
تاريخ الاعلان:
يوليو ۱۱, ۲۰۲۴

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