• Driving forklift + reach truck
  • Moves inventory and materials across facilities.
  • Receives new shipments 
  • Picks daily replenishments and new shipments against transfer orders.
  • Conducts cycle count on a regular basis.
  • Processes inventory for delivery to designated location.
  • Sorts, organizes and store’s inventory at the proper location.
  • Packages items and labels correctly according to requirements.
  • Scans items and ensures quality.
  • Reports damaged or missing inventory to supervisors.
  • Stacks and organizes large bulk items.
  • Removes inventory from trucks or shipping and delivery to proper location.
  • Updates logs and documentation for inventory processing.
  • Moves materials from facilities to workstations, pick-up locations, or other locations.
  • Always Adheres to Health & Safety requirements at all times (i.e., wear safety gear).
  • Ensures workspace is free of debris and remove safety hazards from aisles
  • Works as an active team member to complete team goals.
  • Prepares documentation and inventory for audits.
  • Ensures that newly arriving products are quickly accepted and arranged promptly and attractively in warehouse shelves/bins.
  • Performs basic duties in relation to new and existing merchandise, including price changes, tagging, ad set, and shelving arrangements’

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Sampa Arabia Heavy Duty Vehicles' Spare Parts

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