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I would like to seize the opportunity to submit my C.V. to you, hoping
to give a comprehensive idea about the substantial achievements I
have fulfilled through my education and career development and
provide you with the factual date regarding my background and
By this introduction letter I would wish to enable you to examine my
personal qualifications and to get some aspects of my character,
believing in the importance of both the educational and personal skills
that may help you in your decision fully and fairly consider how well
my education standard, previous and personal ability match your
need and meet your expectations.
From personal experience I have learned flexibility, containment
people and circumstance, added to my willingness with care and
concern to help and to cooperate with people surrounding me i.e.
guests, superiors, colleagues and subordinates; feeling satisfied on
fulfilling my duties with professionalism.
Finally, I hope I have succeeded to draw headlines about my
character and I have met your expectation and acceptance.
Sincerely Yours.
Gharib Abou El Fadl


شعار الشركة
General Director of Al Akhyar Hotels Group
Al Akhyar group
فبراير ۲۰۱٦ - الآن | Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Directs overall marketing, sales, and merchandising programs aimed
at developing maximum profitable business volume for rooms, food
and beverage, and other sales. Identifies market opportunities.
Establish sales goals and long- range plans consistent with hotel and
corporate objective. Directs internal and external advertising and
approves copy and media expenditures within establish budget.
Maintains favorable media relation to develop and maintain good
will and favorable attention for the hotel from all publics, including
stockholders. Identifies the needs and wants of publics in order to
maintain a total service mix that is consistent with the hotel's key
markets and maintains the hotel in a leading competitive position.
Attends and takes an active part in various functions, meetings,
associations, and activities outside the hotel
Since I came to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and joining with Al Akhyar
company, assigned to handle marketing Department work and attend all
touristic exhibitions of Umarh abroad, I have traveled to many country like
Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt , also I have a good
relationship with Official delegations offices of Hajj and Umrah that comes
to al Shisha area such as the Iraqi, Iranian, Indonesian and Turkish to Al


Cambridge College- U.K.
دبلوم, دبلوم, دبلوم, دبلوم, High Diploma‎
Hotel Management


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