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A highly motivated with a complimentary Masters of science in Logistic . Having Eight year experience I have possess the ability to be extremely focused on given task, I utilize my existing knowledge to come up with innovative solutions and problem solving techniques. With full confidence in my abilities, I am able to perform as an individual or work effectively in a team.


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Warehouse superviosr
Mahmood saleh Abbar co
سبتمبر ۲۰۰۹ - الآن | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

• Manages all warehouse activities, focusing on safety, performance, employee development and warehouse process improvements.
• Manage the performance of the warehousing managers including establishment of processes, planning of labor requirements and ensures safety and regulatory compliance.
Responsible for all consolidated warehouse operations, logistics support, and the proper placement of personnel and assets in the region.
• Direct and monitor employees through the warehouse managers to accomplish the goals of the warehouse.
• Provide effective management of warehousing activities to deliver high quality services for business units within the region, including stock takes, unloading, receiving, storage, picking, packing and dispatch, at policy and strategy levels.
• Manage a Warehousing Operational Dashboard, including a set of metrics and key performance indicators that will help the process of standardizing operations and allowing benchmark comparison between the different warehouses in the region.
• Assign duties, instructs, and supervises subordinates in proper work techniques and procedures.
• Plan and analyze operational data and reports to ascertain degree of conformity with established policies, work standards, and procedural directives.
• Inspects and evaluates inventory management activities.
• Prepare and update warehouse layout plans.
• Analyze statistical data to determine effectiveness of the operating procedures.
• Prepare future warehousing needs and designs for the region based on target growth rate, expansion, customer demands, and facility end of lease or end of life.
• Work closely with operations Director/Manager; ATS, Sales Teams, Customer Service, Supply Planning Teams.
• Confirm proper and timely delivery of products.
• Supervise all forklift operations.
• Motivate and lead warehouse staff to effectively carry out given tasks.
Improve warehouse work processes through strategic planning in order to create a more efficient


ماجستير, شهادة ماجستير, شهادة ماجستير, شهادة ماجستير, ماجستير العلوم, Logistics Management‎
suppl chain Logistics
CGPA 3.4/4


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