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الوصف الوظيفي

1.      Collection of samples by batch and send a representative one to the lab and keep one as a retention sample as a reference

2.      Monitor trucks during loading physically and report any nonconformities to QAS.( powder, rotten or rancid smell, mixing of different codes,….etc.

3.      Ensure the reading of weighing bags scale is doing properly, in case of any deviation stop bagging and report to maintenance manager and QAS

4.      Check and ensure suturing of bags is ok

5.      Inspection of raw material transferred to production premises physically (smell, color and mixing feature

6.      Ensure security seal is tied properly

7.      In case of return nonconforming product report to QAS and undergo his instructions

8.      Keep records

9.     (Quality stamp) for released products on the vouchers

10.   Ensure trampoline is fixed (always) on flatbeds during rainy seasons or out, it should be water proof.

11.   Disposing of samples after one month of preservation

12.   Communicate with QA in all unclear issues related to quality

تفاصيل الوظيفة

المجال الوظيفي:
مجموع الشواغر:
2 شاغر
نوع الوظيفة':
الوردية الأولى في الصباح
نوع الوظيفة:
دوام كامل
أدنى مؤهل:
المستوى المهني:
موظف مهني
أدنى خبرة:
2 سنوات
آخر تاريخ للتقديم:
يونيو ۰۸, ۲۰۱۸
تاريخ الاعلان:
مايو ۰۸, ۲۰۱۸
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National Feedco

· 201-300 موظف - الدمام