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3.1         Provides expert and effective leadership in promotion of medical asepsis and overseas proper safeguards against the transmission of infection within the Hospital.

3.2         Gives day to day support and advice to the Infection Control Coordinator and Practitioner to assist the needs of the IC Service and Hospital.

3.3         Revises the yearly plan of the IC Service, prepared by the IC Coordinator, and makes necessary changes before submitting it to the Hospital Director and to the IC Committee.

3.4         Recommends the appropriate general control measures for endemic and epidemic problems in the Hospital.

3.5         As a representative of the Hospital, cooperates with local and national health agencies in the study, prevention and control of infection.

3.6         Serves as liaison between Infection Control Service and the Infection Control Committee.

3.7         Establishes policies, surveys or regulations in the face of real or potential threats to the health and safety of patients and personnel.

3.1         Requests individual compliance with existing Infection Control policy, criteria or regulations.

3.2         He / She shall have free access to all patient records.

3.3         Plans and organizes periodic symposia on Infection Control where national and international speakers are involved.

3.4         A member of IC Committee.

3.5         Follows all related hospital policies and procedures.

3.6         Participates in CQI & PS system improvement, CQI & PS control activities and CQI & PS staff development activities.


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Date: 18 January 2018

Number: INT1001

Job Title:      Head Of Infection Control

Department:   Infection Prevention & Control

3.7         Perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned by the Head of Department within his / her knowledge, skills and abilities.

3.8         Recommending space, equipment and supplies for the Department, including capital equipment requests and preparation of all related reports.

3.9         Recommending the necessary staff for the Department to the Chairman of the Credentials (Privileging) & Appointment Committee.

3.10      Participate in community activities as related to health education and patient education practice.

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الوردية الأولى في الصباح
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دوام كامل
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شهادة بكالوريوس
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موظف مهني
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2 سنوات
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يونيو ۱۹, ۲۰۱۷
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