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Commi II

Keden غير موثقة

الرياض ، المملكة العربية السعودية

معلنة منذ نوفمبر ۰٦, ۲۰۱۸ 60 مشاهدة

SR. 1,750 - 2,500/Month

تقدم لهذه الوظيفة

إخلاء مسؤولية

يرجى عدم ارسال أو تحويل أي مبلغ مالي لأي جهة معلنة عن وظيفة لضمان الحصول عليها. يرجى مراسلتنا على [email protected] في حال الاشتباه بأي حالة احتيال أو إساءة استخدام لمهنتي.كوم.

الوصف الوظيفي

Commi 2 will be responsible for :-

A.  Inventory management: Making sure production materials are not wasted and used efficiently. Also products are processed and stored correctly.

B. Leading the team: Observing attendance, discipline…etc. the 1st baker has to drive the staff members in the bakery to achieve the production targets

C. Cleanness: Should be aware of the right way of cleaning equipment, tools, floors, tables, shelves … etc. so he can train staff to do their job, and check after them to evaluate performance. Also he should plan cleaning schedule for timing and staff assigning, and make sure cleaning equipment and supplies are always available in these times.

 D. Equipment and Maintenance:

 D.1) Troubleshooting: should be aware of basic trouble shooting and cleaning and as well as PM.

 D.2) Equipment instructions: To make the best use of equipment, and avoid any errors that may result in breakdown or harm to people.

D.3) Preventative Maintenance: 1st baker should perform some tasks of PM on a daily basis to insure machines are functioning properly. The PM guide provides complete instructions for this.

 E. Hygiene standards: Awareness of self-hygiene standards and tools that should be used inside production area.

F.  Recipes: Awareness of recipe ‘for all the products. He also should seek any update or improvement on the process, materials, equipment or tools.

G. Food safety standard:  Knowing FIFO, LIFO, UBD, cross contamination, storing and receiving, time and temperature.

H.  Uniform and Accessories: should be aware, to avail and enforce the needed uniforms and accessories for all staff in the production area.

1.    Responsibilities:

The 1st Baker will take active part in production planning. All PRODUCTION should be planned properly. The responsibility break down is detailed below:

a)     Standards: Practice Enforce all the operations standards and polices

b)     Scheduling: In coordination with Assistant Baker, monthly once should be done before posting it on board make sure enough people are assigned for handle the work pressure to achieve the daily and weekly production targets as per the scheduling minimum policy. And update it as per any emergency, or unforeseen circumstances

c)      Inventory system: knowing production target, request ordering as per the requirements, daily wastage and damage report in the log books, weekly inventory, and also responsible for variance reports daily, weekly and monthly and also controlling the cost and quality of food

d)     People management: Managing the team working in the bakery is one of the top priorities for the 1st baker. Should know the rolls and responsibility of all the staff without this we can’t expect that what each staffs can perform.

e)     Preventive Maintenance: should also be able to report the actual problem to the production in charge, and follows up with the support.

f)      Equipment: 1st baker has to always insure that staff uses the equipment properly to produce quality products, and maintain the equipment. In case of any violation to that, the manager has the right to take the proper actions.

تفاصيل الوظيفة

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المجال الوظيفي:
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الوردية الأولى في الصباح
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دوام كامل
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موظف مهني
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2 سنوات
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ديسمبر ۰۵, ۲۰۱۸
تاريخ الاعلان:
نوفمبر ۰٦, ۲۰۱۸
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