B2B - Account Manager


Classify the opportunities in private sectors by strong

understanding of healthcare industry.

➢ Create business opportunities and onboard potential clients.

➢ Managing the accounts of onboard clients by maintaining the

relationship and ensuring their objectives are fulfilled.

➢ Receiving, classifying, and following up customer requests with

the solution development and technical departments

➢ Manage and follow-up projects with peer departments.

➢ Market assessment to find the gaps and provide plans for business

sustainability and growth.

➢ Creating and maintaining relationships with related parties and

stakeholders to ensure continuous improvements, fulfill market

needs, adopt latest functionalities, and best practices.

➢ To ensure the achievement of objectives of the work cycle drawn

up by the direct manager and approved in accordance with the

applicable procedure.

➢ To carry out the plan of daily customer visits according to the

Company requirements.

➢ To pay visits to customers and organize events in accordance with

the established plan of customer division and segmentation.

➢ Participated in the marketing events, conferences, workshops,

and promotion campaigns relating to his territory and accounts

selling assigned products.

➢ Report any violation to direct manager.

➢ This position may involve additional responsibilities as necessary

to meet business needs

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