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Al Rubaiyat Co. for Industry & Trade Ltd.
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Al Rubaiyat Co. for Industry & Trade Ltd.

pRubaiyat was founded in 1980 by the Binzagr family. Rubaiyat had its unique vision as it was the only company in its field to import new fashion trends of International brands in Saudi Arabia. Given that Rubaiyat was the sole company in the Middle East to have opened boutiques specialized for specific brands, they obtained exclusive rights to franchise these International brands.. Recently the company has expanded to Saudi Arabia’s luxury fashion trend setters. This expansion stage marks the intensive social and media presence inside and outside of the Kingdom, as represented by the contributions and participations adopted by Rubaiyat. Tackling a new period of growth and doubling its size within the last three years; it is currently in a dominant position with exclusive representation of some of the high-end brands under its golden umbrella. Rubaiyat operates both multi-brand and mono-branded boutiques that offer a range of exclusive selection of the luxury fashion names. We have employees from all around the world who are all highly trained to the highest International standards of customer service, and act as trusted advisors to our valuable customers/p
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