These Job Titles Are Fooling Nobody!

Shortlisting resumes to close a significant gap in the organization can be a tiring process. As the recruitment manager for your organization, you're bound to have come across resumes featuring dubious information - You need to develop a keen eye for these sort of misleading resume entries - they'll save you from a world of pain!

The 10 most amazing careers in the Gulf

We've all been in this situation - being envious of other people's jobs and wishing ours were half as interesting! So, to fuel that desire for a better, more rewarding job, we've pulled together 10 of the most amazing and exciting jobs that may help you make the transition to your dream job.

Hiring Fresh Graduates in Saudi Arabia

The classic conundrum for fresh graduates- Need experience for a job; need a job to get that experience. Companies can help upend this vicious cycle by investing in the untapped talent and potential of Saudi Arabia's fresh, unemployed graduates.

What to expect at your first HR interview

As a natural part of their duties, human resource executives will be responsible for asking a couple of standard questions from every prospective employee before hiring them. While the questions themselves are not too difficult, special care must be taken in answering them, as they can be the deciding factor for securing your new job.

30 Career Best Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

Today we would like to post some helpful career quotes, quoted by well known authors. These inspirational and motivated quotes will help you in motivating and boosting your career path. Either you’re searching for a job or you’re stuck in the middle then these inspirational and motivated quotes will show you a path towards success.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Saudi Arabia

With the highest and very much increasing oil revenues all over the GCC, Saudi Arabia has become the hottest destination for job seekers all around the world and always been at the top list of drivers of the Middle East recruitment. Millions of expats intend on joining the gulf region and driving their careers within this oil rich country.
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