How to Cope with Job Rejection

We are all hardwired to take rejection very, very personally. In our everyday lives, being told “no” is something that we are not comfortable...

Identifying and Rebooting Unmotivated Employees

I’ve been reading a lot on this subject and more often than not, I come across articles that are based on the assumption that unmotivated employees...

Successful vs Unsuccessful People – A Mihnati Infographic

There is always a pretty clear difference between successful and the unsuccessful people. The difference in habits and decisions gives birth to what is either being talked about or what is not. Today’s infographic explains about the factors that differentiate successful people from the unsuccessful.

The Different Kinds of Job Seekers

We are all unique individuals with a varying range of personality traits, natures and practices. There are multiple ways to deal with a situation...

What’s Holding You Back From Your Dream Job?

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, the problem may not be your motivation; it might be your choices. Here’s how to grow your...

How your employees waste time at work

It is the duty of HR to keep employees motivated, productive and an asset to the company. Which means also being aware of how an average employee spends their workday, specifically habits that decrease productivity and generally waste time, so that effective strategies can be devised to keep the company running in tip-top shape!

The Ramadan Productivity Guide

This isn't the first summer Ramadan we've had, the preceding several holy months have all fallen in and around the hottest days of the year. That means we have had time to accumulate some tips and tricks that ACTUALLY work to keep you on top of your tasks and motivated to stay productive.

Creating a Proper Mihnati Profile

Your Mihnati Profile is a complete picture of what you have to offer to an organization. When you create your account, hiring managers gain access to the information you provide. Be sure to update your profile based on these tips in order to maximize your chances of obtaining job opportunities through our service!

5 Steps to Writing a Cover Letter that Gets You Shortlisted

A cover letter is the ideal place for you to highlight exactly what you have to offer to potential employers. The idea is to show your ability to add value to an organization unlike any other candidate applying for the same post. Sometimes, attempting to "stand out" from the crowd can end up putting us in negative light rather than the positive.

5 Things That Could Ruin Your Resume

When writing your resume, your intention should be to present yourself in a uniquely credible and professional light so that hiring managers consider choosing you for a job opening. The more you share about yourself, the higher your chances. That being said, certain entries on resumes and CV's are red flags to anyone reading them.