The 10 most amazing careers in the Gulf


We’ve all been in this situation – being envious of other people’s jobs and wishing ours were half as interesting! So, to fuel that desire for a better, more rewarding job, we’ve pulled together 10 of the most amazing and exciting jobs that may help you make the transition to your dream job.

1. Oil & Gas:

The Gulf region has a never ending supply of fossil fuels, and that translates into a near constant requirement for engineers and technicians. Qualified, hard working professionals can go far on this road!

2. Business Personnel:

The Gulf region mostly consists of business community, the demand for business personnel is always there the more experienced and qualified you are the higher position you get.

3. Healthcare:

General and specialized medical care are both expensive, both critical and both in constant demand of talented, dedicated doctors, dentists, nurses and technicians. As a professional you’ll be required to get certified for the Gulf region, but once that’s done, a challenging and lucrative career awaits.

4. Banking Personnel:

The Gulf’s thriving banking sector has an additional requirement – professionals need to be well versed in Islamic banking. Beyond that, hard work and dedication will surely take them a long way!

5. Information Technology:

As technology becomes an ever-present part of our daily lives, the IT sector has to ramp up accordingly to keep growing and match expectations. It’s an industry that keeps on giving – to the world and to the professionals doing all the hard work!

6. Construction:

One need just look at the Burj Khalifa to realize that the Gulf region is heaven on earth for the construction industry – engineers, planners and workers all get to create some of the most defining, impossible architecture of our generation. Who wouldn’t be motivated to be a part of that?

7. Public Relations:

Most investing firms like to invest in the newest and most promising ideas available and for all the smooth transition a good PR Department is a necessity hence if you are vocal and like to share and promote what good you see than you might find a place here to easily fit in.

8. Advertising:

Advertising is the lifeblood of any successful enterprise – so much so that it’s become a lucrative industry all of its own – With new businesses sprouting in the Gulf day in day out, the need for creative, talented advertisers is all but skyrocketing.

9. Property and Real Estate:

The Gulf is the holiday retreat of the rich and the powerful – it’s no surprise then that the property and real estate industry are booming!

10. Teaching:

Quality teachers remain in high demand – everyone wants the best possible education for themselves and their families, especially locally. This opens up huge avenues for passionate, hardworking professionals to dedicate their efforts to a rewarding career.


These are 10 of the top career options in the Middle East right now. If you belong to any of those fields and have been mulling a change in your life, now might be the time to make that extra effort to push your career in the direction of the Gulf. Beyond the obvious financial benefits, the Middle Eastern job market promises new, challenging avenues for professionals to grow.


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