Better Recruiting Through Using Recruiting Software


online hiring2One major challenge experienced by any company, large or small, is the tedious process of recruitment. The process is always lengthy and sometimes complicated for hiring team. On the other hand, it is an agonizing wait for the applicant who is waiting for the status of their application.

To properly start recruitment for a company, one must perform a job analysis. This means documenting the actual or intended requirements for the job to be performed. This information is captured in a job description and provides the recruitment team with boundaries and objectives of the search. Such processes may take a long time. But now, there is an easier way to hire or recruit a qualified people for the right job in an organization or a firm. This is through using recruiting software.

Recruiting software gives the company an edge, since all information will be easily available for them to search and evaluate applicants. Using such a tool can make the recruitment much faster than the conventional way of hiring.

Prior the emergence of the recruiting software as a staffing solution, there were four conventional types of agencies that aided in the recruitment process for companies. As a general rule, these agencies are being paid by the company causing an extra expense for the company. The recruiters aim is to channel applying candidates into the hiring organization or company for application processes.

The four main types used in the conventional method of recruitment are: traditional agency, headhunters, in-house recruitment and passive candidate research firms. These agencies tend to process the application of a candidate for a lengthy period of time before they get a chance to be interviewed by the company itself, since initial interviews will be made by these agencies before giving it to the hiring firm.

However, if recruitment software is employed in hiring, evaluation of submitted applications will be an easy task, since all applicants have already been categorized according to their qualifications, pay range, educational background, and, etc. Furthermore, all applications that were submitted by the candidate are received directly by hiring company and updated to their databases right away.

One major point that sets recruitment software apart as the number one staffing solution for companies is that it’s fast, easy, precise and cheaper than paying agencies to do the work. This is especially true if the company needs a candidate or an employee in an important position to start immediately. In this case recruitment software plays a crucial part.

The attributes of these staffing solutions are that it will search for qualified candidates, basing on their resumes or curriculum vitae that they submitted on the company’s job posting online. This will also narrow their search for the qualified candidate through their jobs specifications and job experience required for the position. Additionally, it will help them in tracking previous job background, and in finding the right person for the right job.


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