Architectural Draftsman

We are looking for a detail-oriented architectural draftsman to join our architectural design team. You will be creating technical drawings for homes, commercial buildings, and other structures from architects' sketches, incorporating exact measurements and codes, and entering data to generate 3-D design models.

To be successful as an architectural draftsman you should possess solid knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD) software, and the ability to apply the fundamentals of sketching and design. A top-notch architectural draftsman will be someone whose drafting expertise contributes to structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing architectural designs.



Architectural Draftsman Responsibilities:

  •  Analyzing building specifications, codes, and sites.
  •  Creating technical drawings from architects' sketches and specifications.
  •  Using CAD software to create drawings that incorporate exact measurements, calculations, building codes, and other construction details.
  •  Printing CAD drawing schematics for use by architects, construction managers, and structural and maintenance engineers.
  •  Entering CAD data into building information modeling (BIM) systems to create 3-D models and renderings.
  •  Preparing drawings, charts, and records with CAD equipment and conventional drafting techniques.
  •  Visiting construction sites to perform measurements and calculate dimensions as needed.
  •  Collaborating with architects and construction engineers to ensure adherence to building specifications and industry regulations.
  •  Keeping abreast of the latest developments and technologies in architectural

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