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I am a management professional with 17+ years of core expertise in strategic financial planning and financial operations management for a leading professional organizations, adept at application of financial strategies to partner business growth, acquiring additional competency in innovating solutions for financial controls. I am seeking for a challenging position to contribute financial and managerial expertise and aforementioned skills in making tangible contributions to the financial bottom line of the company.

As evident from my CV, my work till date has provided me with a thorough insight into managerial & financial practices, along with a result oriented approach will surely make a marked difference. My extensive experience as General Manager gives me a definite edge over my peers. I have proactively generated strategic solutions and recommendations for tackling financial discrepancies faced by the organization. I have also developed and implemented financial policies, systems and procedures to enhance profitability for my employers. What needs a special mention is that, I have always ensured conformance to all accounting processes policies and procedures, legal/regulatory guidelines and international financial/ accounting reporting standards as well as IFRS standards. Furthermost, I have progressed within leading business groups for over a decade, assuming strategic posts and contributing revolutionary concepts to the progress of an enterprise where my financial proficiency combined with my management acumen has influenced sizable growth and improvement over time.

I have striven to implement accounting discipline and provided complete finance support to my juniors/other departments/top management and provided constructive feedback on issue resolution. What deserves to e highlighted is that, I have successfully diversified into a wider managerial profile capable of contributing from a macro perspective to streamline business processes of technology driv


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General Manager
Maaden International Industrial For Metal Co. Ltd
Aug 2016 - Present | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Key Responsibilities:

•responsible of all aspects of the business which include, sales, operations, Engineering , marketing & events, supply chain, Business Development ,customer service & after sales.
•Take the lead across all aspects of the company by reviewing the service levels and how departments work together to reach company goals and by coming up with fresh ideas that will set the company apart from competitors.
•Develop high quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives. •Manage company’s marketing activities.
•Assist departments in preparing operational plans according to the business plan. • Manage company’s social media accounts.
•Management of Personnel Resources -- Motivating, developing, and directing people as they work, identifying the best people for the job.
• Judgment and Decision Making -- Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.
•Management of Financial Resources -- Determining how money will be spent to get the work done, and accounting for these expenditures.
•Company profile design.
•Designing the company\'s website.
•Improve the company sales and clients types.
•Improve the company image .
•Prepare SOWT analysis in order to compete successfully with the company market. • Build excellent relationships with the relevant parties with the company.
•Preparing the agenda of periodic meetings with owners.
•build focus improvements programs in order to improve the company performance.
•Preparing the requirements for obtaining special certificates such as ISO and registration with government sides.

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Financial controller
Maaden International Industrial For Metal Co. Ltd
Jun 2014 - Jul 2016 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Key Responsibilities:

•To contribute to the attainment of the company’s business objectives by: -Providing strategic and financial guidance to ensure that the company’s financial commitments are met. -Developing all necessary policies and procedures to ensure the sound financial management and control of the company’s business.
•Direct and control finance staff to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and developed and so that they carry out their responsibilities to the required standards.
•Contribute to the achievement of the company’s business objectives by providing advice and guidance on financial strategy.
•Provide financial advice and guidance to the company’s managers and staff to enable them to achieve their objectives.
• Develop and maintain all necessary systems, policies and procedures to ensure effective and efficient financial management within the company.
•Participate in the design of a comprehensive and effective system for the company and all departments •Monitor external contracts and services provided by suppliers to ensure that these are operating effectively and provide the best value to the company.
•Study the estimated costs of the company\'s contracts with customers and verify the accuracy of the estimated period of project implementation.
•Monitoring project costs and comparing them with estimated costs and analysis of variances and causes.
•Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting, collection procedures, and investment activities, and make recommendations for changes to procedures, operating systems, budgets, and other financial control functions. •Monitor and interpret cash flows and predict future trends.
•Research and report on factors influencing business performance. •Develop financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk.
•Develops organization prospects by studying economic trends and revenue opportunities; projecting acquisition and expansion prospects; analyzing organization ope

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Finance Manager
Crystal Arabia
Sep 2013 - Apr 2014 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Crystal Arabia is a leading manufacturer of home and personal care products . Key Responsibilities: •Preparing Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and Statement of Changes in Owners’ Equity) on monthly, quarterly and annual basis in line with the applicable financial reporting standards (IFRS and IAS). •Collaborating with the Heads of Manufacturing, Sales and Supply Chain Divisions to reduce the Cash Conversion Cycle through faster conversion of raw materials into finished goods, receiving early payments from customers and availing discounts offered by vendors if the benefits of paying early exceed the benefits of paying later. •Liaising with the Imports Division in assuring seamless execution of operations associated with the import of raw and packing materials including adherence with INCO terms associated with Proforma Invoice, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Packing List and Bill of Lading. •Assessing existing Internal Controls associated with buying and selling, inventory management, treasury operations and wages and salaries; aligning controls with international best practices to limit the chances of frauds and embezzlement. •Working with the Heads of Strategic Business Units in devising Annual Budgets; monitoring expenditure against the set budget and taking remedial actions in case of major negative deviations between the actual and budgeted figures. •Reviewing terms of engagement and services mentioned in the contract with vendors and customers and assuring that these terms are followed in letter and spirit; taking stern action in case any departure from the terms dilutes the liquidity and profitability of the company. •Evaluating progress of projects falling in the in-progress category with particular emphasis on costs incurred and time spent; recommending practical measures to avoid cost overruns and completing the projects on time to accelerate the growth and development of the company.

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Costing Manager
Al Sorayai Trading and Industrial Group
Jul 2006 - Aug 2013 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al Sorayai is a renowned company in the field of carpets and rugs and has a long tradition in manufacturing and distributing them not only in its home base of Saudi Arabia but also across all continents where carpets and rugs are used Key Responsibilities: •Assured top-down budget control by making the Manufacturing Division understand the dynamics of product cost and encouraged them to undertake measures to reduce it the lowest possible level while keeping other variables at acceptable levels. •Assessed financial and operational risks associated with new projects and determined the most effective source of funding after taking into consideration the risk appetite of the organization, interest rates, inflation and the organization’s borrowing cost. •Converted loss making ventures into profitable ones through impact oriented execution of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement techniques; generated massive savings for the company and gave a strong boost to the bottom line profitability. •Prepared a single consolidated sales forecast budget based incorporating quality and capacity parameters; the essence of this forecast was to enable the Manufacturing and Sales Divisions know what the organization expected from them. •Oversaw preparation of the Annual Budget and removed all discrepancies to assure effective execution; conducting competitive and cost trend analysis on a regular basis to direct and re-direct business strategy to extract maximum benefits from the available opportunities. •Shared important findings on company financials with the management team and recommended work plans to enhance the competitiveness of the company and drive its growth and profitability. •Recommended most useful ERP system for the company and as process owner in the implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite, straightened all the business processes to assure that the linkages between the Costing and Financial Modules were in sync with the company’s manufacturing model.

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Costing Manager
Saudi Modern Factory Food “ Branch Of Basamh Company “
May 2005 - Jun 2006 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Modern Foods is one of the largest producer of pasta, hot sauce and mayonnaise brands like Goody and Butoni in the Gulf Region Key Responsibilities: • Devised a comprehensive system to come up with reasonable estimates for the standard costs of producing different products and the total costs incurred by the respective work centers. • Implemented value engineering techniques at the factory level for assured realization of cost savings for the company; controlled and adjusted costs through regular impact assessment and monitoring. • Evaluated operational and financial viability of prospective projects, leveraged time series and regression analysis tools for forecasting sales and prepared annual budget in consultation with the Heads of Strategic Business Units. • Shared analysis and reports required by the management for assistance in problem solving and decision making; provided key information associated with the financial performances of different Divisions and highlighted areas demanding immediate attention whilst appreciating areas where things were handled quite effectively under unfavorable circumstances. • Facilitated all activities relating to the publication of the Company\'s annual report; analyzed manufacturing cost including cost of goods sold, manufacturing variances and inventory adjustments using the ERP and carried out stock count on a monthly basis to save guard assets and their usage. • Played a leading role in the development, implementation, user training and back office support for the company wide Oracle E-Business Suite ERP System.

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General Ledger Accountant,
Joomjoom Medical Industries
Jan 2000 - Oct 2002 | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

General Ledger Accountant,cost, LC,LG,Inventory


Cairo University
Master, Masters, Masters in Commerce, Feasibility Studies‎
Feasibility Studies
Grade B+
Cairo University
Master, Masters, Masters in Commerce, Cost Accounting‎
Cost Accounting
Grade A
Cairo University
Bachelor, Bachelors, Bachelors in Commerce, Accounting‎
Accounting & Finance
Grade B


Expert Arabic
Intermediate English