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Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Are you hunting for Jobs in Saudi Arabia? MIHNATI.COM is your premier online destination for all Jobs currently available across Saudi Arabia. Find and filter jobs as per your preferences and apply online using our simple and easy job application process. Make the right career move with MIHNATI.COM!

يشترط اجادة اللغه الانجليزيه خبره في نفس المجال اجازه يومين بالاسبوع فترة الداو م12 ساعه في اليوم  يشترط تخصص اشعه للمتقدم  يشترط وجود شهادة..
Jul 12, 2020 7K - 8K
Installs client software, establishes and maintains access rights, backup data, and provide support for the MEPC computer systems and progr..
Jul 12, 2020 2 Years
Provide ERP Support to end users to concern departments and business streamsDevelops expertise on the functional use of the ERP system.Cont..
Jul 12, 2020 2 Years
Inventory Control ‒ Monitor warehousing transactions by ensuring goods received and dispatched. ‒ Manage material and stock inventory l..
Jul 12, 2020 3 Years
  يشترط اجادة اللغه الانجليزيه يشترط التخصص في نفس المجال الصحيالتوظيف بمدينة جده فترة الدوام 12 ساعه اجازه يومين بالاسبوع  الوظيفة لمدة شهر..
Jul 12, 2020
الوظيفه لمدة شهر فقط يشترط اجادة اللغه الانجليزيه فترة الدوام 12 ساعه اجازه يومين بالاسبوع  
Jul 12, 2020 4.5K - 5K
ان يكون المتقدم تخصصه تمريض   يشترط اللغه الانجليزيه فترة الدوام 12 ساعه اجازه يومين بالاسبوع  خبره في نفس مجال العمل الصحي  
Jul 12, 2020 8K - 9K
1.     Assist in down time report and assist in manpower rostering2.     Responsible support engineering administration work including filin..
Jul 10, 2020 Fresh 7K - 8K
Liason with Trainer for all training arrangementsCoordinate and planning to ensure recurrent training for Pilot to do on time without excedd..
Jul 10, 2020 Less than 1 Year 7K - 8K
1.     Purchasing -       Receives purchasing request from various departments within Company-       To request and receive quotations.-    ..
Jul 10, 2020 Less than 1 Year 7K - 8K
Accountabilities:Contracts:· Issue the sub-contracts between Nahdi and the investors through the follow-up on all the required procedures a..
Jul 10, 2020 2 Years
Main Job Purpose:Lead ,drive The Supply Chain Department towards Continuous development and deployment of the best in class practices. Lead..
Jul 09, 2020 5 Years
- Required to posses 4+ years’ experience in access platforms (boomlift, scrissorlift, manlift, etc) or other heavy equipment- Minimum Quali..
Jul 09, 2020 3 Years 3K - 4.5K
Duties & Responsibilities:Oversee the Coordination of internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects.M..
Jul 09, 2020 5 Years
شهادة بكالوريوس في المجال المطلوب ، خبرة لاتقل عن سنتين
Jul 08, 2020
Policies & Procedures § Adherence to governmental rules & regulations; RAR's and IAD's policies and procedures (including but not limited..
Jul 07, 2020 5 Years
Policies, Processes & Procedures § Follow all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so ..
Jul 07, 2020 1 Year
المتطلبات:- حاصل على درجة البكالوريوس في القانون أو الأنظمة._ خبرة عملية في المجال القانوني لا تقل عن ثلاث سنوات.- أن يكون ملماً بالحاسب ال..
Jul 07, 2020
الوظيفه تختص في مجال المطاعم دوام 8 ساعات  
Jul 07, 2020 Fresh 4K - 4.5K
• Responsible for the different recruitment channels used by Zahrawi.• Advertising job openings on careers page, internally, job boards and ..
Jul 06, 2020 2 Years
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