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WASEEM ABBAS is a results-oriented and dynamic marketing professional with a proven track record of driving impactful campaigns and achieving business objectives. With 12 years of experience in the marketing field, he brings a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, brand management, and digital marketing.

WASEEM ABBAS excels in developing innovative marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences and drive brand awareness and engagement. He is adept at leveraging market research and consumer insights to inform marketing initiatives and optimize performance.

As a collaborative team player, WASEEM ABBAS thrives in fast-paced environments and excels at cross-functional collaboration. He possesses strong communication skills and a keen eye for detail, allowing him to effectively convey brand messages and ensure consistency across all channels.

With a passion for staying abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies, WASEEM ABBAS is committed to continuous learning and adapting strategies to stay ahead of the curve. He is driven by a desire to deliver measurable results and exceed expectations.


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divisional field manager
sami pharma
يناير ۲۰۱۳ - الآن | Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan


University of Faisalabad
Agri. Entomology, Agriculture
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متمكن Business Analysis
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متمكن End to End Sales
متمكن Fluent in English
متمكن Funds Management
متمكن Hiring Team Building
متمكن HRM
متمكن Knowledge of Local Market Trends And Regulatory
متمكن Marketing
متمكن Microsoft Excel
متمكن Mraketing
متمكن Negotiation Skills
متمكن Product Marketing
متمكن Quality Control Processes Command
متمكن Record Management
متمكن Revenue Analysis
متمكن Sales Advertising
متمكن Sales Growth Analysis
متمكن Sales Management
متمكن Strategic Sales
متمكن Team Building
متمكن Team Motivation
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