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• Analyses monthly financial statements, identifies the drivers of financial performance and proposes potential solutions. Evaluates and prioritizes financial and operational viability and attractiveness of solutions proposed by self and others.
• Produces periodic financial forecasts, projection as well as annual strategic and financial plans.
• Independently completes reviews of current practices to ensure effective control and/or feasibility reviews of proposed business operating plans to ensure the most efficient functioning of all areas of the company.
• Possesses a high degree of analytical ability in order to prepare analyses and develop new reports/formats/distributions media.
• Reviews and prepares analyses of potential new business ventures to evaluate adequacy of supporting business case.
• Reports on actual investment or initiative results after implementation and compares to original project plan. Monitors the capital budget to insure funds are spent as intended.
• Presents annual plan process within assigned area, and functions as a resource for area’s planners on the criteria for the current processes.
• Maintain and update key operating statistics of the Org. constantly sought at various levels of management for decision-making including other depart and org statistics.
Client Management
• Regularly review the department financial objectives, plans, procedures and practices and recommend appropriate changes if needed.
• Oversee and coach employees within the function who carry out financial transactions to ensure a high standard of service delivery.
• As Subject Matter Expert, provide financial guidance to the assigned function to enhance quality of decision-making.


Accounting (2014-2015)


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Paradise Mobile
يناير ۲۰۱۸ - الآن | Faisalabad, Pakistan

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Account Manager
Epic Outsourcing
سبتمبر ۲۰۱۳ - مارس ۲۰۱۸ | Faisalabad, Pakistan

WELCOME TO EPIC OUTSOURCING. As Accountant/Secretary/Manager I manages These Rolls and company policy, Epic Outsourcing is a premier Recruiting Outsourcing Company, delivering cutting edge solutions and ensuring uninterrupted success for Company. I manage all recruitment based tasks for any organization; right from start-up companies to high scale enterprise level organizations. We have always served with a proven track record of exemplary services which is above all, satisfactory and beyond expectations. We boast of an impressive clientele which is located all over the globe. The specialty of our services is that the solutions delivered by us convert into long term strategic advantages for our clients. I am powered with a workforce which is highly dedicated, committed and exceptionally well trained to produce the results which they want. I constantly upgrade my skill level to induce the expertise which is required to offer truly world class services.

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Ahsan School System
مايو ۲۰۱۰ - أغسطس ۲۰۱۲ | Faisalabad, Pakistan

One Teacher Can Change the World’s Nation, Mission: To provide a disciplined, caring and stimulating environment where students achieve their full potential in their academic, creative, physical, moral and spiritual development and strive to serve the country and humanity in general. Vision: ASS is committed to excellence and integrity. ASS will retain the best of its traditions and incorporate 21st century knowledge and skills to enable and inspire students to lifelong learning, to excel and to serve humanity.


University of the Punjab
بكالوريوس, شهادة بكالوريوس, بكالوريوس تجارة, ‎
Accounting & Finance, Applied Accounting, Commerce, Management Accounting
Pride Institution of Information technology
Computer Arts, Computer Oprations
Board of Secondary Education Faisalabad
, ‎
Accounting & Finance, Business Economics, English, Finance and Banking
Board of Secondary Education Faisalabad
, ‎
Arts, Fine Arts


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