UNLV-SOM residents must meet the qualificationsfor resident eligibility as outlined in the Essentials of Accredited Residenciesin Graduate Medical Education published in the American Medical Association’s Graduate Medical Education Directory. 2. Resident education involvessupervised, progressively more complex and independent patient evaluation and patient management functions and formal educational activities. Accordingly, the competency of each resident is evaluated on a regular basis. 3. Residents provide care commensurate with theirlevel of advancement and competence, under the general supervision of appropriately privileged attending teaching staff and senior residents/fellows. It is each resident’s responsibility to notify their immediate supervisor and to seek assistance if there are any issues that may jeopardize patient safety, or if the resident feels he/she is being asked to function beyond the level of competence. II. General Statement of Resident Duties While in the training program, all residents without exception will function under the supervision of a staff practitioner. The training programs will be structured to encourage and permit residents and fellowsto assume increasing levels of responsibility commensurate with their individual growth processin experience, skill, knowledge and judgment. The following duties are required of all residents: 1. Initiate and follow a personal program of professional growth in conjunction with the formal educational and training of the residency orfellowship program sponsored by UNLV-SOM. This includes ensuring compassionate, appropriate and cost-effective patient care. Maintaining duty hours as outlined by the ACGME including night call, night float and night team. Skills demonstrated by the resident should be commensurate with their level of training and responsibility. 2. Participate in the educational activities of the program and, asrequired, assume responsibility forteaching and supervising otherresidents and medicalstudents by making daily rounds. 3. Perform procedures asrequired by individual programs, atfirst under strict supervision until competence is documented,then independently. Each program will entertheirresidents’ procedural competency intoNew Innovations underthe procedure logger. This will be updated at minimummonthly, but more frequently is desired. 4. Meet institutional requirements with respect to medical records(see medical records policy). 5. Participate on committees and councils whose actions affect resident education and patient care. These include: a. The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC – meets bi-monthly the second Thursday of the month) and its subcommittees (listed below). Residents must be peerselected. i. Resident Performance Review Committee – meets when a resident complaint is filed or a resident appeals a notice of non-reappointment or has another grievance

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