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وظائف شركة الشرق الأوسط للتنمية (مدكو)

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حول / عن شركة الشرق الأوسط للتنمية (مدكو)

MEDCO is a 100% Saudi Arabian company founded by Saleh A. Alfadl and his brother Ibrahim in 1967. It’s genesis was in farming, several years before the ‘center pivot’ irrigation revolution started. During this period MEDCO sold large numbers of VOLVO farm tractors, including 1500 in one year!.

Progressively MEDCO branched out into the industrial and construction field and secured several leading and complementary franchises in the seventies

DYNAPAC – World leader in Compaction and Paving.
SULLAIR – World leader in Industrial and Mobile Air Compressors.

It is true to say there is not a single airport or highway, not one sewage lift station or STP, or a high rise building and construction site that has not benefited from using these renowned products. Scores, even hundreds, of projects have used these fine prices of equipment. A significant part of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure has been built with them.

Later on from eighties till twenty-first century other world names joined up with MEDCO.

PUTZMEISTER – A world leader in concrete pumping.
GEHL – A world leader in skid steer loaders and materials handlers.
MACOGA – The worlds largest manufacturer of expansion joints.
MAAG GEAR - High performance gear units.
NEDERMAN – A world leader in fume extraction technology.

MEDCO operates from purpose built facilities in the Eastern, Central and Western and Southern provinces. The company is financially strong and well resourced by its partners. The Head Office is in Jeddah. It operates a state of the art management and logistics computer system and now a new head office is under construction with state of the art facilities located off the main Makkah / Madina highway. It holds some 28,000 line items parts stock. It runs a strong rental business, always striving to be first and providing quick deliveries from popular machines stocks. The company employs more than 100 people of diversified cultures, well educated and professional and prides itself on t