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M.H. Alshaya is a leading international franchise operator for over 70 of the world’s most recognized retail brands including Mother care, H&M, Debenhams, American Eagle Outfitters, Harvey Nichols, Boots, Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory, Vision Express, M.A.C, Victoria’s Secret, Pottery Barn and Office Depot. The company operates more than 2,400 stores across 7 divisions: Fashion & Footwear, Food, Health & Beauty, Optics, Pharmacy, Home Furnishings and Office Supplies.

Alshaya’s stores can currently be found in 19 markets across the Middle East & North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe and it employs more than 32,000 people from over 110 nationalities.

The company has established itself as the industry leader across these territories through a combination of local market understanding and a comprehensive commitment to customer service. Growth in each of its operating divisions and brands is supported by continuous investment in talent and infrastructure. It applies best practices in retail operations, merchandising, marketing, information technology, logistics, real estate, human resources and financial controls.

M.H. Alshaya is the retail business of the Alshaya Group, which was founded in Kuwait in 1890 and today represents one of the most dynamic companies in the Middle East. In addition to its retail operations, the Alshaya Group is active in a number of other sectors including real estate, automotive, hotels, trading and investments.

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